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Tax reform a 2025 job: Greg Smith, Former Head of Treasury Budget and Revenue Group

“Tax reform is not any old change that you come up with and it’s not tax cutting, either. There are people who like to say that tax reform means less tax, but that’s ideology, that’s not tax...

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Q&A: Miranda Stewart answers your tax and transfer reform questions

Our recent Focus session on Personal Taxation and Transfer Entitlements at The Tax Summit: Project Reform, featured expert speakers Dr Ann Kayis-Kumar, UNSW, and Prof Miranda Stewart, CTA, ANU &...

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Clearing an efficient and simpler path through the minefield of small businesses concessions

Wheels are in motion to explore new territories here at The Tax Summit: Project Reform, with yesterday’s Focus session examining Business Taxation: Small Business Tax Concessions and marking the...

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Experts debate: Is complexity in our tax system a necessary evil?

Discussion is heating up at The Tax Summit: Project Reform, with last weeks Focus session examining Business Taxation: Global and Transnational Businesses, kicking off with a riveting discussion of...

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Tax reform in three steps: insights from Peter Costello AC

“I’ve cautioned every treasurer since not to embark upon it [tax reform] if they’re fainthearted.”

The Hon. Peter Costello AC

In our most recent keynote session from The Tax Summit:...

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Insights on tax reform for prosperity from keynote speaker, Chris Richardson

The line-up of expert keynote speakers for The Tax Summit: Project Reform, recently kicked off with a session from Chris Richardson, Director of Deloitte Access Economics and one of Australia’s best...

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Business Taxation: SMEs and Family Businesses | Key insights

The Tax Summit: Project Reform is underway! Last week, our speakers, John Ioannou, CTA, Deloitte Private, Mark Molesworth, CTA, BDO and Andrew Noolan, CTA, Brown Wright Stein Lawyers joined Robyn...

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Retirement and Wealth | Key insights from The Tax Summit: Project Reform

We recently kicked off The Tax Summit: Project Reform, with the first Focus Session in our all-star lineup, featuring speakers Phil Broderick, CTA, Sladen Legal and Ian Raspin, CTA, BNR Partners, in...

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R U OK?: the importance of staying connected

R U OK? Day is coming up this Thursday 10 September, and The Tax Institute is taking this opportunity to remind tax professionals how important it is to be part of a thriving community. From support...

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JobKeeper 2.1: Fair Work Act changes

Note: This article does not intend or purport to provide guidance on the detailed operation of the provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009. Its purpose is to increase awareness of the impact proposed...
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