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International Investments: The 2017 National Superannuation Conference

The Trump administration continues to create uncertainty for investors. Now more than six months into his presidency, advisers are still unclear on the long term policy direction of the new...
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Latest free technical paper - 'Restructuring rollover vs CGT concessions: And the winner is ...'

Each month, members of The Tax Institute can access a complimentary, recently-published technical paper that provides up-to-date information on a relevant issue for tax professionals.

The most...

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‘Fraud' or ‘evasion’: dealing with the aftershocks

Matthew Crowley ATI

When the Commissioner lawfully forms an opinion that ‘fraud' or ‘evasion’ has occurred, the aftershocks can reverberate in Part IVC, debt recovery and criminal process,...

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Member profile – Jonathan Ortner

Jonathan Ortner is a Senior Associate with Arnold Bloch Leibler’s taxation group in Sydney and is The Tax Institute’s 2017 Emerging Tax Star.

We asked Jonathan about his career and life.


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The big issues facing Large Funds – 2017 National Superannuation Conference

Prashanthen Ranjit Kumar, Dave Millar and Michael Pascoe

The biggest changes to the taxation of superannuation in a decade came into effect at the beginning of July. The Treasury Laws...

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Ongoing complexities in a supposedly simple tax – National GST Intensive

Nick Kallinikios (KPMG), Laura O'Brien (Deloitte) and Brady Dever (PwC)

It seems like GST has barely been out of the headlines over the last 12 months.  From states and territories...

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The diverted profits tax: a new landscape for advisers – 2017 Queensland Tax Forum

Anthony Portas CTA

The diverted profits tax (DPT) entered into law on 1 July 2017. Multinational organisations with an annual global income of more than $1 billion (AUD) and an annual...

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Super still super

Robert Deutsch CTA

by Robert Deutsch CTA *

With all the seemingly bleak news associated with looming changes to superannuation, the question continues to resurface: is putting money into...

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The integrity of our tax system

by Matthew Pawson CTA *

There would scarcely be a single taxpayer in Australia, much less any member of our organisation, who has not watched the unfolding of the alleged $165m tax fraud event...

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How are SMSF advisers handling a post 1 July world? – 2017 National Superannuation Conference

Jemma Sanderson CTA

1 July 2017 saw the biggest changes to the taxation of superannuation in a decade come into effect. The Treasury Laws Amendment (Fair and Sustainable Superannuation)...

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Division 7A and the new small business restructure rollover – 50th WA Convention

Daniel Taborsky CTA and Alan Krawitz CTA

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017, Western Australia’s State Convention returns with a packed program that features some of the...

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The ethical roadmap: Do you set the pathway or just follow it? – The 2017 Queensland Tax Forum

Alice McCleary CTA (Life) and Aggie Maisano

As an adviser or practitioner, your personal and professional conduct is regulated in a number of ways – from the codes of the Tax...

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A conversation with a legend in tax

Tony Slater QC

by Noel Rowland *

After 45 years in tax practice, and more than 40 years as a member of The Tax Institute, Tony Slater QC recently announced his retirement. I spoke with Tony...

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Member profile - Michael Barbour

Michael Barbour is General Manager Group Taxation at Westpac. He is The Tax Institute's 2017 Corporate Tax Adviser of the Year.

We asked Michael about his career and life.

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Petya, WannaCry, and the unpreparedness of accountants for cyber crime

Cyber crime is wreaking havoc globally. Now, more than ever, Australian businesses are at risk.  June 2017 saw another major cyber attack – a new strain of the Petya ransomware, GoldenEye –...

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Working with start-ups - The 2017 Queensland Tax Forum

Brian Ruddle

Australia is creating a huge start-up ecosystem that needs help to grow and survive. Initiatives like Advance Queensland are helping to make Queensland a destination for...

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Family law: tips & traps for accountants

William Sloan and Paula Wilkinson
It’s a sad fact of life that many of your clients will go through a separation, divorce or de facto relationship breakdown.  Despite the regularity of...
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