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NSW Tax Forum speaker profile: Nick Gangemi

Nick is a barrister at Second Floor Selborne Chambers. Nick’s practice involves trial advocacy in a number of areas, with a strong expertise in taxation and revenue law.  In this regard, Nick’s work...

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The BEPS working group

It is difficult for businesses to organise their cross-border transactions on the basis of a diplomatic press release. The Treasurer's announcement earlier this week of a joint working group between...

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Conversation on tax reform

Yesterday, Perth-based members of The Tax Institute met with Robert Jeremenko, Chief of Staff of the Federal Government's Tax White Paper Unit and Sasha Grebe, Senior Adviser, Tax White Paper Unit to...

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Our submission to the Senate Corporate Tax Avoidance inquiry

In life there are usually two numbers we keep to ourselves: our PIN and our TFN. The reasons for keeping the former private are straightforward, the reasons for keeping the latter private are more...

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The operation of the Div 7A rules – download four free case studies

Download a copy of four free case studies [PDF 0.6 MB] taken from the Division 7A Handbook, 7th edition that illustrate several aspects of the operation of the Div 7A rules and possible implications.

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