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How to make your voice count in the profession

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Recent developments in the tax residence of individuals, companies and trusts

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Administering deceased estates

Present entitlement and the dissenting beneficiary

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Tax in the wake of the Election

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Trusts: Estate Planning and Issues with the Recently Deceased

Fraud and Evasion

Tackling financial crime and protecting tax revenues through global collaboration

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The election and its impact on tax policy

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Insolvency & debt resolution: Dealing with clients in difficulty

Double Tax Treaties, Residency, Financing and more – a look at the Corporate Stream at Queensland Tax Forum

Dux says Chartered Tax Adviser Program enhanced her practise

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Cross Staple Arrangements – The Cross Roads

Stapled structures – Where to from here?

Corporate residency – ensuring offshore subsidiaries remain non-resident for tax purposes

Baiting the other side – Sorting the Myths from the Realities!

Parliamentary inquiry into the implications of removing franking credits: Fair game or a misuse of power!

A note from the President: celebrating our unsung heroes

The Federal Budget 2019-20 – a deeper analysis

Super reporting – What is in and what is out?

IP, goodwill, and protecting the recipe

CTA Dux graduate: “hard work pays off”

Discretionary trusts: can I vary a trust deed so it is not a "foreign person" for duty and tax purposes?

What happened in tax in March?

The ATO’s director penalty notice powers

Franking credit denial and the Medicare levy - much ado about nothing or a small part of a bigger problem?

Tax Partner: no “finite bit of knowledge” in tax

Recent Developments in the Tax Residence of Individuals, Companies and Trusts

Federal Budget 2019 – unveiling our brand new website

Labor’s negative gearing restrictions – how might they work?

5 steps to solving complex client problems

Business succession – The current state of play

Research and development – A sleeping giant should be woken!

Tax Director on keeping up with change

Interest Withholding Tax – Common Issues

Division 7A and UPEs – The Road Ahead

How mentoring could be key to your career success

Labor’s tax changes - don’t jump the gun!

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Eddy Moussa on change and the best career advice he's received

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Energy & Resources: 101

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Borrowing to buy shares – the hurdles that lie ahead!

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Superannuation for SMEs

Tax and the Economy—Policy and Performance. Barossa Convention Keynote.

India - some observations

SMSFs, property, LRBA, international issues, and more: The road ahead

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Outbound Infrastructure Investment : Key Issues in Structuring Outbound Investments

3 traits that make a great tax professional

Family law’s unintended tax implications – 2019 Barossa Convention

Advocacy work is in full swing

Why ‘learning agility’ is crucial for success in tax

Robert Campbell, CTA, on saving marriages and more

When Does Tax Advice Become Legal Advice Which Contravenes State or Territory Law

New superannuation reforms one year later – Practical issues for SMSFs

What happened in tax since December

SMSF reporting, hot topics, tips & traps

Trusts, Philanthropy and family feuds – 2019 WA Estate & Succession Planning Intensive

The washup from the Banking Royal Commission

Stapled structures and foreign investor measures

Achieving harmony within estates – 2019 WA Estate & Succession Planning Intensive

Tax and Technology: Automation, the Digital Economy and Single Touch Payroll

Restructuring and Division 7A

Stocktake on recent superannuation changes

Rae Ni Corraidh: teaching the practical application of taxation law

Executive Director of tax on how to juggle work, life and study

In the face of constant change in the profession, education is a way to tackle challenges head-on

Investing in the future

High Court decision in Placer Dome sheds interesting light on the meaning of goodwill in the context of state stamp duty

The start to finish of writing great client advice

3 ways to make an impact in tax

We’re thinking differently about tax education

Clients separating from their partners - what do you do next?

What happened in tax in November

Labor’s negative gearing restrictions – how might they work?

Becoming a better client adviser through education

3 steps to prepare you for tomorrow’s commercial practice needs

5 steps for successful career planning

Div 7A: Issues when dealing with loans and unpaid present entitlements

The post BEPS world – Lessons learned and what is the reality?

2019 National Convention - Key Sessions Sneak Preview

Branch Attribution for Banks

What’s happening in M&A?

Powers of Attorney and SMSFs

MD tackles the “too hard basket” in SA event

Pintarich – a case that should never have been run!

Top 5 personality traits employers look for (and how to make sure you have them)

Dux graduate on how transitioning careers helped her climb the ranks

The hybrid mismatch rules: impact on foreign investors

Goodwill and business assets

What happened in tax in October

Trusts – Vesting, Ruling from the Grave, Splitting, Cloning & More!

#WITNC18 sneak peek: is leadership about direction or influence?

How artificial intelligence is shaking things up

5 tips for negotiating a pay rise

Refund of excess imputation credits – room for compromise?

Why become a tax agent?

How to achieve Chartered Tax Adviser status

CGT small business concessions and superannuation

Navigating the Shifting Sands for Non-Resident Contractors

Lessons in leadership from the frontline

Practical issues for interest withholding tax and section 128F

Recent developments in Australia’s international tax rules: The times they are a-changing

Expert reveals what to expect from tax study

Ready to make the move to management?

3 ways study can future-proof your career

Tax and duty issues for real property

Develop the skills specifically sought by employers in the tax profession

What happened in tax in September?

Preparation, scoping and agility are essential - The ATO’s in-house facilitation

How to keep your top tax talent

Life cycle of a renewables energy project

Practical Issues with Division 7A

From battlefield to boardroom – lessons for emerging and current leaders

4 secrets to sailing through disruption in tax

Women in Tax National Congress sneak peek: is great leadership a balancing act?

What tax leaders need to be serious about

Part IVA and Restructures

Making sense of the menu of small business CGT concessions

Recent decisions on valuations and briefing experts

Asset protection and succession planning management for UPEs and loans

Transfer duty dealing with dutiable property in Queensland - North Queensland Tax Symposium

Expert says: if you don’t want to learn, “you’ll have problems in tax”

Single Touch Payroll expanded to include smaller employers from 1 July 2019

3 ways to keep up with the changing tax landscape

Going Global - Leadership in modern times

Tax Disclosures - Is Sunlight the Best Disinfectant?

Transfer Pricing Documentation and the Simplified Transfer Pricing Documentation Rules

Expert weighs in on what tax professionals need to thrive

What happened in tax in August?

Fraud or evasion - 6th Annual Victorian Tax Forum

4 reasons why upskilling is the best thing for your tax career right now

Multiple Roles and Portfolio Careers - Women in Tax National Congress

How CTA studies gave Ivonne “an edge” in her career

Corporate tax cuts and franking, start-ups and funding of growth - the 26th Noosa Tax Intensive

Resolving tax disputes through constructive engagement with the ATO

Dux graduate now an even “better tax practitioner”

7 must-have soft skills for tax practitioners

5 skills top tax pros excel in

How to stand out in a crowd of CAs & CPAs

GST & cross border supplies – Leveling the playing field?

The Multilateral Instrument: What you need to know

SMSFs & property development - tips, traps and pitfalls

Tax as a business partner – aligning tax planning with a company’s strategy

Anti-Hybrids: The Current State of Play

SMSFs – working with clients to avoid common mistakes

What happened in tax in July

July's tax developments - in depth

Opportunities to expand the capability and resourcing of the tax function

How to build your personal brand

Stamp duty issues in infrastructure transactions: What is land?

Understanding the R&D tax incentive and other grants to support your business

3 ways studying tax intensively is the perfect fit for you

GST: Emerging trends in capital raising

Time to wean off the (GST-free) milk

Transfer Pricing: IP Migration Issues – Dovetail into the DPT

Employment taxes and technology opportunities for SMEs

Find out how to get recognised as a top performer in tax

4 reasons why upskilling is vital to your career's health

What does the future hold for the tax profession?

How to future-proof your career

Tax 2025 - People, the Economy and the Future of Tax

Dux graduate tells all: how study changed the game

The GST two decades on – 2018 National GST Intensive

Proposed SG amnesty raises opportunities and risks

What it takes to be the Chartered Tax Adviser of the Year

US tax reform and issues for large Australian investors

SMSF Audits – Keeping the ATO from the Door

Restoring and enhancing faith in the tax profession

Practical Legal Ethics for Advisers

Goodwill and Taxing Scotch Mist

Drivers for change: the future of Australia’s superannuation industry – 2018's National Superannuation Conference

What happened in tax in June?

Trusts - from the basics to the more complex - 2018 Queensland Tax Forum

What makes a great tax professional?

3 ways to stand out in tax

The application of Pt IVA to stapled structures

The Post-BEPS world – lessons learned

Doing something overseas – Have you understood the practical Australian taxation consequences correctly?

Non-resident tax issues - the 2018 SA Private Business Day

Repair or improvement – Does Theseus have the answer?

Could your career fade away without a life-long partner?

Nine career tips to stand out from the crowd

Issues with life estates - the 2018 Death… and Taxes Symposium

Proposals for payroll tax reform - The 18th Annual States’ Taxation Conference

Rental property deductions – the do's and don'ts

Simplifying GST to extract more revenue!

How emerging leaders can make the most of their career in the tax profession

How tax professionals can prepare for the storm ahead

How digital is transforming State Revenue Offices

Transfer Pricing - from Documentation issues to 815A & 815B and Part IVA

What happened in tax?

Preparing a Business for Sale

A radical super idea - back to the future!

83 and still new things to learn

Transfer pricing post Chevron and PCG 2017/4

Valuations: Getting value from the valuers - The 18th Annual States' Taxation Conference

Dealing with public money and the scope of the Commissioner's powers - The 18th Annual States' Taxation Conference

Tony Slater, QC, on the future of tax

‘Dealing with the business of estates, dealing ethically - the 2018 Death... and Taxes Symposium

Funds Management - recent issues

SMSFs and the state of play post-2017's reforms

Non-Resident Trust Beneficiaries - the WA Trusts Half Day

Harnessing the revolution: how your business can benefit from disruption

Keeping on top of the ever-raising tax law ‘bar’

What happened in tax?

Superannuation and the expiry of the CGT relief

Understanding the impact to wine businesses of the new WET reforms

2018-19 State Budget dates

Trusts, the GAAR Panel, CGT and more - a look at the NSW Annual Tax Forum program

Chantelle Rossiter – a worthy winner of our education competition

The tax rate tango

The Truth Behind Trusts - 2018's WA Trusts Half Day

Which area of tax should you specialise in?

Prof Bob Deutsch CTA on developing the Snapshot Series

Material mistakes, material consequences for taxpayers

Structuring outbound infrastructure investment – 2018 National Infrastructure Conference

Chris Bray on creating the tax business of the future

Stapled structures – is it really about something else?

Tax Awards celebrate our best and brightest

Defensive planning: being proactive & also prepared to defend – 2018 Private Business Tax Retreat

Related party debt financing – 2018 National Infrastructure Conference

SME demergers, capital returns & the small business restructure rollover – 2018 Private Business Tax Retreat

Revisiting tax deductions in light of the Commissioner's address at The Tax Institute National Convention

Corey Beat CTA on 'Swimming between the flags for professional service entities'

Unpacking the company tax excess imputation credits saga

Reducing Australia's corporate tax rate — the unconvincing case for 25%

Michael Cox on navigating the digital landscape

Our three strategic pillars

The 2018-19 federal election – the emerging tax battleground

Our partnership with ebroker – an interview with Professor Bob Deutsch CTA

Reigniting the question of 'carrying on a business' & the potentially wasteful imputation system – 2018 Barossa Convention

Shaping our tax profession of tomorrow

Company tax cuts – where might the money go?

Andrew Noolan CTA on 'The future of Division 7A'

The old chestnut – principle-based drafting vs detailed black letter law

HSBC extends preferential banking offers to Institute members

Wine equalisation tax reforms – 2018 SA Agribusiness Day

Inbound foreign investment in Queensland – FIRB & duties issues

How to succeed in the tax profession, and what it takes to become a leader in the profession

International tax practice – is it about to become a whole lot more complicated?

A year for us to make a difference

Super and the expiry of the CGT relief – 2018 WA Superannuation Intensive

The tax professional of the future – 2018 Barossa Convention

Super death benefits & strategy beyond 1 July 2017 – WA Superannuation Intensive

Tax agents and privacy – don't stick your head in the sand!

An exciting year ahead

Superannuation – a new, simple 15/15/0 regime

Member profile - Sylvia Villios

Business solvency – salvaging what you can: WA 'Dealing with a Client in Financial Distress' day

Cairns and the Convention – a focus on our program for accountants

'Swimming between the flags for professional service entities' – WA Professional Services Half Day

A comparable landscape: Ascertaining the policy in Australia’s bank levy

Member profile - Claire Thornett

Latest free technical paper - Michael Butler on 'Trusts'

The R&D tax incentive – latest developments

Is there a place for morality and ethics in tax law?

33rd National Convention – what to look out for in the 2018 program

Member profile – Annette Morgan

Transfer balance cap: time to consider post-30 June 2017 issues

How the tax profession can stay relevant

When is a company 'carrying on a business'?

The Hon. Anna Bligh AC & Karen Payne to review changes in financial services – 2018 Financial Services Taxation Conference

Latest free technical paper - 'Transfer balance cap and CGT relief'

Trusts: ATO Tax Avoidance Taskforce perspective – 2017 SA Trusts Day

GST coming for your online cart – Australia’s proposed tax changes to low-value imports

Member profile – Rosemary Campbell

The 2017 great debate

Do your unconscious gender biases get in the way of decision-making?

2016 duces share their experience of learning with The Tax Institute

Transitioning a company for wind-down or exit – 2017 WA Tax Intensive

Difficult structures made easy (or at least slightly less difficult) – 2017 WA Tax Intensive

Realising the potential of women in the tax profession – Women in Tax National Congress

Taxing earnings – the great distortion

Our partnership with LexisNexis is an investment in your future

Navigating the digital landscape: a plan for today's tax professional – 2017 SME Symposium

Succession planning for family trusts – the WA Tax Intensive

Reflections on the Australian tax system

Avoiding avoidance – restructuring away from Division 7A

Rewarding SME employees: alternatives and considerations – 2017 SA Tax Intensive

Member profile - Peter Madden

Residency for companies and trusts post-Bywater – 5th Victorian Annual Tax Forum

Fixing women's super – some small steps forward!

Trusts & international tax issues – 25th Noosa Tax Intensive

Impacts of our ageing population on business succession – SA Estate & Business Succession Planning Day

Uncertainties in our changing tax system – 5th Victorian Annual Tax Forum

A review into the future of the tax profession

The Deal is Done – What Next? - The SA Estate & Business Succession Planning Day

International Investments: The 2017 National Superannuation Conference

Latest free technical paper - 'Restructuring rollover vs CGT concessions: And the winner is ...'

‘Fraud' or ‘evasion’: dealing with the aftershocks

Member profile – Jonathan Ortner

The big issues facing Large Funds – 2017 National Superannuation Conference

Ongoing complexities in a supposedly simple tax – National GST Intensive

The diverted profits tax: a new landscape for advisers – 2017 Queensland Tax Forum

Super still super

The integrity of our tax system

How are SMSF advisers handling a post 1 July world? – 2017 National Superannuation Conference

Division 7A and the new small business restructure rollover – 50th WA Convention

The ethical roadmap: Do you set the pathway or just follow it? – The 2017 Queensland Tax Forum

A conversation with a legend in tax

Member profile - Michael Barbour

Petya, WannaCry, and the unpreparedness of accountants for cyber crime

Working with start-ups - The 2017 Queensland Tax Forum

Family law: tips & traps for accountants

Reflections on the valuable work of our tax policy team

Member profile - Julie Van der Velde

Appointors and guardians: getting deeds right – the 50th WA State Convention

Cross-border related-party financing arrangements

Superannuation: What you need to consider pre 1 July 2017

Tax dispute resolution in the modern era – the 50th WA State Convention

Evolving structures of SMEs: more than meets the eye – 2017 Queensland Tax Forum

Member satisfaction — The Tax Institute's first priority

Effectively managing tax disputes: what's your strategy? – The 2017 Queensland Tax Forum

SMSFs - growth and audit issues post-1 July 2017

Queensland State Budget 2017

Latest complimentary technical paper - 'Employees v contractors'

SMSF advisers – are you prepared for major changes to the taxation of superannuation?

Celebrating our volunteer members

Practical solutions for year-end trust issues

GST on low value goods

A different type of tax education

Member profile - Mark Lowis CTA

‘Relevance of tax issues to the FIRB process’ - the National Infrastructure Conference

Complimentary technical paper for April - 'I think (I'm a small business), therefore I am. Know your thresholds!'

Paving the way for Australia’s infrastructure sector - The 2017 National Infrastructure Conference

10th Annual NSW Tax Forum - A closer look at Australia's largest tax program

A new initiative: tax debt reporting

How can we simplify the tax system?

The past, present and future of tax advocacy

‘Superannuation and wealth management for private business: dealing with current structures' – the 2017 Private Business Tax Retreat

Member profile - Wendy Maloney CTA

Blowing the whistle on tax avoidance

Tax changes in the Budget - here's what we predict

The best of both worlds

The evolution of The Tax Institute

Are you ready for the 1 July super contribution changes?

Announcing our successful Scholarship applicants

SME tax measures are too big to ignore

Australia's diverted profits tax

Investment in the future

Why The Tax Institute exists

Second outage of Tax Agent Portal and ATO online systems - a message to members of The Tax Institute from the President and CEO

The future of the tax professional – The 32nd National Convention

January technical paper - 'Division 7A structuring: the contortionist revisited'

Tax policy - the year in review

Tax agent portal and ATO online systems - a joint message to members of The Tax Institute by the President and the CEO

Predicting the unpredictable – The 2017 Financial Services Taxation Conference

Challenges and opportunities for tomorrow's tax professionals

The rise of a tax star

Tax and small business - there's work to be done

The Tax Institute comments on the ATO's public advice and guidance

Plan now to make the most of upcoming super changes

The Tax Institute's engagement with the ATO

ATO Hot Spots - The 24th Noosa Tax Intensive

Capital Gains Tax – 31 Years On – The Great Debate.

Tax, technology and the potential for reform

Simon Steward QC, FTI, at the 2016 National Resources Tax Conference

CGT - 31 Years On - New Panel Session at the 24th Noosa Tax Intensive

Practically Using the Small Business Restructure Rollover - SME Tax Symposium

Practical Part IVA scenarios - The 24th Noosa Tax Intensive

Private Company Capital Management – The 24th Noosa Tax Intensive

Division 7A and Division 152 - The 24th Noosa Tax Intensive

Preparing for a future that is already here - The VIC 4th Annual Tax Forum

A closer look at the VIC 4th Annual Tax Forum program with Jason Barnes, CTA

Tax Governance for Corporations - The VIC 4th Annual Tax Forum

Superannuation with an international flavour - Marsha–Laine Dungog JD, LLM, and Roy Berg JD, LLM

Meet the presenters: 2016 National GST Intensive

Emerging Issues in Superannuation: The 2016 National Superannuation Conference

2016 National GST Intensive

Life Insurance, Estate and Succession Planning – Feast or famine for the tax man

Super-sized issues: 2016 National Superannuation Conference

Trusts and Trust Losses – Everything You Need to Know – The 2016 Queensland Tax Forum

Change is the only constant - The 2016 Queensland Tax Forum

Alternate Dispute Resolution and Transfer Pricing - 49th Western Australian Convention

Inherited client problems: new clients, old problems… The 49th Western Australia State Convention

The opportunities for a common charity definition: Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

‘The Nature of a State Tax Appeal’ - David Marks, QC, CTA at 2016's States’ Taxation Conference

49th Western Australia State Convention

Australian Taxation Office Round Table - Free Video

Tax issues in a global economy - 2016's Queensland Tax Forum

Celebrating talent: the class of 2015

9th NSW Annual Tax Forum - The usual suspects?

Tips and Tales: A Tax Student’s Life

13 Budget takeaways from the 13 times the Treasurer mentioned “jobs and growth”

Infrastructure in an era of change

The Tax Institute President says a lack of reform would be a national shame

"It's not personal. It's strictly business" But is it? 2016's Private Business Tax Retreat

WA Tax Intensive – Meet The Presenter: David Marschke, CTA

WA Tax Intensive – Meet The Presenter: Ron Jorgensen, CTA

WA Tax Intensive – Meet The Presenter: Professor Graeme Cooper, CTA

Agribusiness – Rising to the Challenge

Diving into Digital at the 31st National Convention

‘Tax Issues for Digital Business’ with Joanne Dunne, CTA

Managed Investment Trusts – the industry perspective, a legal standpoint.

Tax transparency in Australia with Grant Wardell-Johnson

'Be Consumed' at the Barossa Convention

2016 Property & Construction Tax Intensive

The new Managed Investment Trust regime with Vivian Chang amd Kos Dimitriou

Workshop lead profiles: 2016 SME Tax Intensive.

Feedback on submissions welcomed

Senate report on multinational anti-avoidance law Bill

A decision on tax reform

Upcoming National Events

Innovation and tax, an unlikely pairing?

2015 Corporate Tax Adviser of the Year winner: Minh Dao CTA

Mulitnational anti-avoidance Bill progresses

2015 Emerging Tax Star of the Year finalist: Jack Wang

How to build your resume while you study

OECD releases final BEPS report

23rd National Tax Intensive Retreat speaker profile: Stephanie Caredes

2015 Tax Adviser of the Year Award judge: Arlene Macdonald CTA (Life)

OECD's package to reform international tax system

2015 Tasmanian State Convention speaker profile: Thilini Wickramasuriya

2014 Emerging Tax Star of the Year winner: Matthew Andruchowycz, CTA

The AFR Tax Reform Summit

2015 SME Tax Adviser of the Year Award winner: Peter Bobbin CTA

What a difference a week can make!

23rd National Tax Intensive Retreat speaker profile: Terry Murphy

2015 Tasmanian State Convention speaker profile: Georgina Sertori

Amendments to the Exposure Draft regarding Multinational Tax Avoidance

23rd National Tax Intensive Retreat speaker profile: John Middleton

2015 Tasmanian State Convention speaker profile: Damian O'Connor

16th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation

An update on our recent submissions

Dux interview: Jace Gawne-Buckland, Advanced Superannuation

Nominations sought for Australia’s best tax professionals

Discussing Tax Reform with the Treasurer

3rd Annual Tax Forum speaker profile: Paul Abbey

2015 Tasmanian State Convention speaker profile: Matthew Cridland

Understanding the ESS changes: Five things you need to know

Where can a career in tax take you?

Member profile: Abby Hinchcliffe

The interim report on corporate tax avoidance

Dux interview: Shireen Silva, CTA1 Foundations

Our submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission

2015 Tasmanian State Convention speaker profile: Brad Eppingstall

The decision on digital currency

Member profile: Julien Wong

Now available: Tax Risk Management and Governance Review Guide.

Where can a career in tax take you?

We need your feedback

Member profile: Juanita Sands

The case to raise the GST

Tax reform back in the spotlight

Broadening the GST to digital products

State's Taxation Conference speaker profile: Paul Ellis

The National Tax Liaison Group

State's Taxation Conference speaker profile: Amanda Spinks

Time-management tactics to try this EOFY

Single Touch Payroll

State's Taxation Conference speaker profile: Tony Ince

The Tax Institute’s tips to maximise your end-of-financial-year return

Top tricks for nabbing your dream tax internship

Budget changes introduced to parliament

Press Release: Marking 10 years in providing education, The Tax Institute expands professional tax education modules

State's Taxation Conference speaker profile: Peter Cain

10 Year Education Milestone

The key to acing group assignment

Your essential TPB registration checklist

Preparing for a career in corporate tax

Press Release: The Tax Institute urges financial planners to check compliance after unregistered tax agents fall foul of the law

The busy world of tax

Five early career milestones to hit

Dux interview: Jason De Marte, CTA2 Advanced

Five ways to impress your boss this EOFY

Uber and the GST implications

Reviewing the ATO’s consultation framework

New Corporate Tax subject launched

Landing that graduate position

Dux interview: Natalie Moore, CTA1 Foundations

What a week!

“Re:think”, review – reflections on structural reforms

National Infrastructure Conference speaker profile: Julian Peck

What are recruiters looking for in their graduate tax professionals – could it be you?

NSW Annual Tax Forum speaker profile: Graeme Colley

2015 Private Business Retreat

Commissioner of Taxation - new powers in fixing the tax law

Annual Report and AGM

State's Taxation Conference speaker profile: Andrew Rider

It's Budget season!

NSW Tax Forum speaker profile: Nick Gangemi

The BEPS working group

Conversation on tax reform

Our submission to the Senate Corporate Tax Avoidance inquiry

The operation of the Div 7A rules – download four free case studies

Tax Reform White Paper to be released on Monday

Secure the future of your business with the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law

March's presentations from our leading events (Free for members).

30th National Convention

Highlights from day 1 of the National Convention

Announcing the judges and finalists of the Tax Adviser of the Year Awards

The Federal Budget submission

Time to renovate

Gearing up for the 30th National Convention

Release of the Intergenerational Report

Single Touch Payroll

Is your accounting firm making the most of its new grads?

Submission to Treasury

Website re-design

Proposed changes to Employee Share Schemes

National Convention Speaker Profile: Damien Browne

A Milestone for the National Convention

A time of uncertainty

The taxation of multinationals

Survive the pressures facing small accounting firms

Appointment of the Assistant Treasurer

Financial Services Taxation Conference Speaker Profile: Robert Gallo

National Convention Speaker Profile: Philip Bender

Financial Services Taxation Conference Speaker Profile: Patrick Grob CTA

Financial Services Taxation Conference Speaker Profile: Tim Kyle CTA

Financial Services Taxation Conference Speaker Profile: Judy Morris CTA

Wishing you a safe and happy festive season

National Convention Speaker Profile: Andy Hutt

Tax policy and advocacy

Looking back

Upcoming CPD events

ATO's National Tax Liaison Group

Financial Services Taxation Conference Speaker Profile: Peter Oliver CTA

Your representative at the Committee for Tax and Revenue

Upcoming events and CPD

State convention locations and the ruling on Bitcoins

Outcomes of the G20 Summit

President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation visits The Tax Institute

A credential with professional credibility

Tax Adviser of the Year Awards 2015

G20 Summit

Launch of the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law

Event highlights from October

Your representation at the Federal Treasury’s Revenue Group

Tax reform anyone?

Investing in quality tax learning is a necessary part of developing the tax profession

On the taxation of multinationals

The Tax Institute’s education training is a win-win for partners and employees

Employee share schemes and start-ups

New Graduate Diploma Raises the Bar for the Tax Profession

The public debate on the taxation of multinationals

Recognising the tax profession's highest achievers

Spring sittings of Parliament

December's free member tax presentations

VIC 2nd Annual Tax Forum Presenter Q&A with Andrew Mills

Meet a member: Julian Feiner, Allens

Recap of ATO’s National Tax Liaison Group session

Furthering excellence in the tax profession through higher education

Nominations open for the 2nd Annual Tax Adviser of the Year Awards

Talking financial planners and tax advice with Alan Jones

Pride in our achievements

Inside the House of Reps Tax and Revenue Committee Inquiry

Professional Practice Structures & Parliamentary Committee

The Tax Adviser of the Year Awards are back in 2015

August's free member tax presentations

Searching for a “savvy” tax administrator

Inaugural meeting of the new Tax Reform Committee

Upgrading your tax qualifications and meeting your CPD requirements

Dispute resolution and Project DO IT

Critical consumer protections at risk due to poorly planned Government move

Media Release: Launch of Inaugural Postgraduate Qualification

Media Release: Launch of Inaugural Postgraduate Qualification

Education requirements for financial planners and issues with ATO IT systems

New Tax for Trusts, Estate Planning and Wealth Management course

Improving access to child care through the tax system

Update on the Winter Sitting of Federal Parliament and the MRRT

National events and upcoming course intakes

Dispute resolution with the ATO

June's free member tax presentations

Project DO IT

Launch of a new course, membership renewals and an updated SMSF Guide

Registration requirements for tax (financial) advisers

Proposed changes to ATO IT systems

Proposed registration requirements under TASR for financial advisers giving tax advice

Failure to abolish the mining tax has implications for taxpayers

Broader focus of the committees

Innovation and the role of technology in tax

Upcoming events and program intakes

ATO's National Tax Liaison Group meeting

Meet a member: Bill Keays, Hales Keays Chartered Accountants

Membership renewals and product offers

The 2% income tax ‘levy'

Technical committees revamped

May’s free member tax presentations

Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment

Continuing our relationship with the Standing Committee on Tax

Volunteering: How to get involved in our committees

April’s free member tax presentations

What now for the Tax Reform White Paper?

Last chance for earning CPD hours

Meet a member: Vita Gustafson, CTA

Reforming the excess superannuation contribution

“Hot off the press” from National Convention

Federal Budget 2014-15

Getting ready for budget lock-up

Last chance for earning CPD hours

A look at the Commission of Audit report

Q&A The Tax Adviser's Guide to Part IVA [Video]

Speaker Profile: The ‘new’ Part IVA – what is the experience so far?

Next steps: Alleviating the burden on small business

Tax reform is yet to come

Speaker Profile: How to treat costs associated with buy-sell transactions and corporate restructures

Member survey findings

Commission of Audit report

Meet a member: Judy White, CTA at BDO

Speaker Profile: When the ATO comes knocking...

Join a Tax Institute Technical Committee

Cutting the tax red tape

Speaker Profile: Taxpayer Alerts – Be Alert and Alarmed

Alleviating the compliance burden on small business

Helping financial advisers meet the new TASR requirements

Tax profession’s best and brightest recognised at the inaugural Tax Adviser of the Year Awards

Discretionary trusts: a wider perspective (download free article)

Speaker Profile: Promoter Penalties session

On the Commissioner’s address at National Convention

And the winners are...

The Tax Institute’s role in the debate about high-level tax reform

February's free member tax presentations

Kick-starting the tax reform debate

New ways to get your structured and unstructured CPD hours

Meet a member: Mark King, CTA and SMSF specialist

Update on the National Tax Liaison Group

Terms of engagement

Announcing the finalists of the Tax Adviser of the Year Awards

The Tax Institute’s priorities for the Federal Budget

Honouring the best minds in tax

Speaker Profile: Recent Cases

Inspector-General of Taxation review update

Speaker Profile: Transfer Pricing

On the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

From Clerk to CTA – Jason Barnes member profile

Speaker Profile: Australia’s Response to the OECD’s BEPS Policy

Child care and tax deductibility

Speaker Profile: Potential to bust-proof a trust?

Introducing 2014 President Michael Flynn part 2: The year just gone

Getting the most out of your membership: Paper of the Month

Speaker Profile: Penalty Provisions

Welcome to the first Senior Tax Counsel report for 2014

Introducing 2014 President Michael Flynn part 1: What lies ahead

A message from The CEO: TaxVine Is Changing

Be the Big Fish in the office

Speaker Profile: Business Succession Planning – Buy/Sell Investor Agreements

Speaker Profile: Do you (not just your clients) need to appoint a Guardian as well as an Attorney?

Looking back on 2013 (Part 2)

Speaker Profile: Tax and Financial Reporting

Wishing you a safe and happy festive season

Report from the latest NTLG meeting

Looking back on 2013 (Part 1)

Tax Adviser of the Year Awards have closed

Speaker Profile: Ethical Issues for Tax Practitioners

Consultation Steering Group

November’s free member tax presentations

New ATO Taxpayer Alert

The importance of making time for yourself

Insight into Offshore Banking Units

Voices from history: Judy Sullivan

New income tax cases update

Institute advises government on unenacted tax measures

Sharing your success stories

Tax deferred distributions

Voices from history: Gil Levy

Strengthening the case for policy and tax reform

Our submission on unenacted tax measures

Valuing Volunteers

Our 70th year is drawing to a close

Starting to clear the fog of tax law

Help us continue to do things right

How to nominate someone (or yourself) for a Tax Adviser of the Year Award

October’s free member tax presentations

Assistant Treasurer meeting update

Consultation – never simple

Examining the TPB’s Strategic Plan

Ten estate planning strategies – free from Estate & Business Succession Planning

October CPD updates and 2014 dates for your diary

Voices from history: Sabina Donnolley

29th National Convention speakers and program just announced

Australia not immune to debt crisis

Technical Committee review

How do tax issues impact the financial services industry?

Voices from History - Nick Heggart, CTA

The shifting sands of tax

Nominations are now open for the Tax Adviser of the Year Awards

Voices from history - Andrew Mills

SMSFs and the property price bubble

Briefing the new Government on tax

Reflecting on the WA Convention Keynote

Voices from history: Gordon Cooper AM, FTI (Life), CTA

Abbott Government Treasury announcement

Introducing the free membership trial

Proud to launch the Tax Adviser of the Year Awards 2014

The Tax Institute in the 70s and 80s

Incoming Coalition government’s commitment to tax reform debate welcome

Tax. Be in it.

August’s free member tax presentations

50 years of Taxation in Australia

Election 2013: 1 day to go

Speaker Profile: Daniel Butler, CTA

Speaker Profile: Allan Swan, CTA

Election 2013: One week to go

The words no one wants to hear: “tax reform”

The Tax Specialist – download free highlights from 2013

2013 Tax Time Issues

Voices from history: Sharyn Long CTA

GST just ammunition in slanging match

Update your CPD calendar

Company tax rate reduction & more on the self-education expenses cap

The Tax Institute in the 1960s

The Tax Institute in the 1950s

July’s free member tax presentations

#ScrapTheCap and the taxing of trusts

Announcing the winners of the membership renewal competition

Voices from history: Commissioner Chris Jordan, AO

Self-education expenses cap, election debate and Car FBT updates

The ATO’s Consultation Arrangements

A look back at 70 years of knowledge, advocacy and networks [Video]

Historical perspectives on the emergence of the tax profession – download our free PDF

Voices from history: Bruce Pascoe

News on federal and state tax reform

Tax Institute CEO reflects on 70 years of Institute history

The Perth platinum jubilee

Celebrating 70 years of supporting the tax profession

Financial Advisers and tax advice – things are getting clearer

A new Prime Minister…and a new Treasurer

Top ten SMSF tips and traps – download our free PDF

Self-education expenses a cause for concern

Announcing eBook editions

June’s free member tax presentations

ATO consultation practices

Politicians and Tax Reform

Tax Institute staff battle it out in the Domain

A mixed bag of tax announcements (edition 2)

Legislative certainty for consumer protection around tax advice

Speaker Profile: Stephanie Caredes, CTA

Raising your profile: 15 x 15

Post-budget thoughts on reform

Speaker Profile: Philip Keir, CTA

The Institute presents evidence to parliamentary committee on TASR

2013 Mid year sale now on

A closer look at the Tax Agent Services regime

Gedenksschrift for Graham Hill

Financial advisers now subject to the Tax Agent Services Regime

Updates from the National Tax Liasion Group

Growing the recognition of CTA in Australia

3 Duxes agree: CTA2 Advanced gives you CONFIDENCE

Finally – a mature debate on GST

Parliament, the ATO and beyond...

CTA: The global leaders in tax

It's time for a national conversation on tax reform

Tax reform: Short-term thinking, long-term pain

2013-14 Federal Budget perspectives before lock-up

Enrolments now being taken for new Course in Commercial Law

Update on cut to company tax rate

New regulatory framework for financial advisers

Tax debate won’t win election

We reveal your election priorities

Online membership renewals

Reform of excess superannuation contributions

Voicing Institute concerns to Parliament

Tax transparency: benefit or risk?

Global Leaders in Tax meet in Australia

Why are we delivering a course in commercial law?

Will you meet your CPD requirements before 30 June?

Reviewing Division 7A

Recognising effective consultation

The operation of Div 7A rules – download four free case studies

SME considerations for tax law

Tax Knowledge eXchange – now with up to 17 CPD hours

What is iCPD? Watch this video to find out

Tax Commissioner addresses National Convention in Perth

A hard day’s work

Tax and do they mix?

Changes to Part IVA and Transfer Pricing reforms

New Course in Commercial Law

Everything you need to know about super in 2013

Inviting you to the 2013 Private Business Tax Retreat

A fair share of company tax burden

Free highlights from 2012 Australian Tax Forum

2013-14 Federal Budget priorities

2013 in tax

National Convention Speaker Profile: Peter Bobbin, CTA

Part IVA and Transfer Pricing

Changes to tax agent education requirements from 1 March 2013

Key dates for 2013

Superannuation reform roadmap

A farewell and a welcome

National Convention Speaker Profile: Bob Deutsch, CTA

Surprise election announcement brings uncertainty

Happy New Year to our valued members

Uncertain times ahead for tax reform

Part IVA general anti-avoidance rule changes (update on submission)

A final word

Tax Institute a finalist in the Publishers Australia Excellence Awards

Reforming inefficient State taxes

End-of-year excitement for tax tragics

13 reasons to enrol The Chartered Tax Adviser Program in 2013

A national plan for the direction of tax reform

The Chartered Tax Adviser Program now open for enrolments

A proposed ethical framework for tax consultations

Part IVA general anti-avoidance rule changes

The benefits of face-to-face CPD

The Tax Institute welcomes Chris Jordan as the next Commissioner of Taxation

New online and offline CPD from The Tax Institute

Social media for tax professionals: getting started with Facebook

How much do proposals really cost

Death and taxes – free presentation

Introducing The Chartered Tax Adviser Program

A wasted opportunity for tax reform?

Small business and its new Commissioner

Resignations, rewrites and releases

The future of the tax profession and you

Tax Time 2012 deadline looms

A membership update from the CEO

Social media for tax professionals: getting started with LinkedIn (Part 2)

Why do we need The National Tax Liaison Group?

Effective tax consultation

Structuring professional practices [Video]

Social media for tax professionals: getting started with LinkedIn (Part 1)

Consultation! Consultation!

Qantas and GST in the High Court

Learn from the best and brightest in tax

Division 7A developments

Cutting company tax

Effective trust deeds and trustee resolutions [Video]

Social media for tax professionals: getting involved on Twitter (Part 2)

Lewis Carroll and the trust rewrite saga

The ATO's trustee compliance project

2013: Save the date

Social media for tax professionals: getting started with Twitter (Part 1)

Pirates, cavaliers and lobsters at the WA State Convention

Delivering sound tax law design

Unpaid present entitlements – current practical implications [Video]

Media release: Government commitment to improving tax law design process welcomed

An important message for Australian tax professionals

Improving the ATO’s performance

Developing the forward work program

3 great ways to meet your tax CPD obligations in August

A sorry saga of retrospectivity

The psychology of voluntary compliance

To company tax or not to company tax?

Social media for tax professionals


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