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Innovation and tax, an unlikely pairing?

Innovation and tax. Do these two things go together or are they a little like oil and water? Sometime in the next few weeks, the Government will be releasing its statement on innovation. There are...

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2015 Corporate Tax Adviser of the Year winner: Minh Dao CTA

I am a tax adviser specialising in infrastructure projects (eg PPP, privatisations and M&A). I have worked with KPMG for over 15 years on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects and have...

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Mulitnational anti-avoidance Bill progresses

On 19 October, the multinational anti-avoidance ‘law' (the MAAL) passed the House of Representatives. The MAAL is ‘law' because, given the political pressure applied, it is difficult to see any...

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2015 Emerging Tax Star of the Year finalist: Jack Wang

I am a senior consultant in the Indirect Taxes Team at Pitcher Partners Melbourne. I am a Chartered Accountant and a graduate of the University of Melbourne, where I received my Masters degree in...

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How to build your resume while you study

These days, achieving a high-distinction average or mastering your taxation law units aren’t enough to land the job of your dreams. Recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly looking for...

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OECD releases final BEPS report

There is nothing like coming back to work after a long weekend and being hit with reams of OECD analysis on BEPS. Released right on schedule in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the BEPS package is...

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23rd National Tax Intensive Retreat speaker profile: Stephanie Caredes

Stephanie Caredes is Tax Counsel at The Tax Institute. Prior to joining The Tax Institute, Stephanie gained extensive experience in private practice advising on a wide range of federal and state...

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2015 Tax Adviser of the Year Award judge: Arlene Macdonald CTA (Life)

I started my legal career in a small general legal practice in Adelaide’s CBD and then worked at the ATO in Adelaide for about 2 years including the old Appeals section.  I was promoted to Sydney as...

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OECD's package to reform international tax system

By the time you read this, we will have heard at least some of the outcomes from the snap ‘reform summit' the Prime Minister hosted yesterday in Canberra, from which we hope there is a clear...

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2015 Tasmanian State Convention speaker profile: Thilini Wickramasuriya

Thilini is a Tax Counsel with the Tax Institute. What does 2015 Tasmanian State Convention mean to you, and more broadly, to the tax industry?

I attended the Tasmanian State Convention last year...

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