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How to build your personal brand as a tax professional

Jennifer Yeo, Director at Evora Legal, shared her insights on the importance of education, achieving success, and developing your personal brand in tax with us.

Invest in your skill set


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Stamp duty issues in infrastructure transactions: What is land?

Stamp duty issues arise at virtually every stage of an infrastructure project, but at the heart of nearly every issue is the question of what comprises land, for the purposes of both transfer...

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Understanding the R&D tax incentive and other grants to support your business

The R&D tax incentive and state government grants are key ways that funding support is provided to help SMEs realise opportunities and achieve growth objectives.

Proving your clients’...

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3 ways studying tax intensively is the perfect fit for you

Need to study, but don’t have the luxury of time? Step right up.

You may have noticed that some education providers offer intensive, compressed versions of their courses. It’s an alternative...

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GST: Emerging trends in capital raising

Recent years have seen an explosion in the number of individuals and businesses turning to crowdfunding platforms to gain supporters and raise funds for their projects.

Platforms such as kickstarter...

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Time to wean off the (GST-free) milk

Written by Bob Deutsch, Senior Tax Counsel

The recent release of the Parliamentary Budget Office report into the Australian Tax System, highlights the incredible reliance placed upon individual...

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Transfer Pricing: IP Migration Issues – Dovetail into the DPT

Transfer pricing continues to be a topical issue for taxpayers and revenue authorities in Australia and around the world. The OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project, and Australia’s...

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Employment taxes and technology opportunities for SMEs

The automation of tax tasks and compliance work continues to pick up pace.

Hayley Lock (KPMG) says “As tax practitioners, we need to lead the way in guiding our clients on 'what's next' in terms of...

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Find out how to get recognised as a top performer in tax

You know you’re a champion of tax. Here’s how to get the world to see it too.

Our members who hold the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) post-nominals are internationally recognised as tax...

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4 reasons why upskilling is vital to your career's health

Learn. Get recognised. Thrive.

It’s safe to say that change and disruption are the new normal. So, it’s imperative you keep your finger on the pulse and effectively make yourself ...
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What does the future hold for the tax profession?

Steve Healey, National Head of Tax and Private Advisory Services at Grant Thornton, and former President of The Tax Institute, CTA (Life), shares his insights on future trends in the profession.


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How to future-proof your career

Disruption and change is almost the norm in today's marketplace. So how can you make sure your careers is future-proof?

Legislative and regulatory changes, corporate restructures, and digital...

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Tax 2025 - People, the Economy and the Future of Tax

Grant Wardell-Johnson, CTA, is the Lead Tax Partner of the Economics and Tax Centre at KPMG. Grant is a leading thinker not only on the future of the profession, but also on the future state of...

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Dux graduate tells all: how study changed the game

Sam Loader, the "go-to man" for tax at The Peak Partnership, reveals his experience completing CTA2B Advanced and how it has given him more confidence.
We caught up with Sam Loader; Manager -...
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The GST two decades on – 2018 National GST Intensive

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Howard government’s election campaign for A New Tax System.

Two decades on, how does Australia’s GST regime measure up? And what are the challenges...
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Proposed SG amnesty raises opportunities and risks

On 24 May 2018, the government announced a 12-month superannuation guarantee (SG) amnesty that proposes to give employers an opportunity to rectify past SG non-compliance without penalty.

If the...

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What it takes to be the Chartered Tax Adviser of the Year


Stephen Carpenter is a senior partner in KPMG's national Deal Advisory - Tax business. He is the winner of the 2018 Chartered Tax Adviser of the Year award. Following his award, we spoke to...

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US tax reform and issues for large Australian investors

The US tax reforms of December 2017 had a number of impacts for Australian superannuation funds investing into the US. The reforms affected existing investment structures and will also affect the...

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SMSF Audits – Keeping the ATO from the Door

While prevention is always better than cure, some clients will inevitably find themselves having to deal with an ATO audit of their SMSF.
Shirley Schaefer (BDO) describes herself as “an auditor...
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Restoring and enhancing faith in the tax profession

With the close of the financial year, this week I thought I might re-visit some of the more common mistakes which are made by taxpayers in the preparation and completion of their tax returns. As tax...
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Practical Legal Ethics for Advisers

Consider the following scenario from David W Marks QC, CTA...

You operate as a professional in your own field.
You operate as sole principal with a small staff of administrative and...
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Goodwill and Taxing Scotch Mist

Goodwill is often the most valuable asset in small business, it is specifically included by s 108-5 of the ITAA 97 in the property subject to CGT, and state governments have long recognised it as...

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Drivers for change: the future of Australia’s superannuation industry – 2018's National Superannuation Conference

The superannuation industry of 2018 is a dynamic one. A year on from the major superannuation reforms of 2017 there is a continued need for advisers to explore the ongoing challenges and...

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What happened in tax in June?

Written by TaxCounsel Pty Ltd

The following points highlight important federal tax developments that occurred during June 2018.

Each month, these developments are considered in more detail...

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Trusts - from the basics to the more complex - 2018 Queensland Tax Forum

Trusts remain on most practitioners’ radars, despite the lack of any meaningful reform in the space.

Impacting a wide range of areas, they remain both popular and complex.

At this year’s 2018...

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What makes a great tax professional?

Legislation doesn’t stand still, and neither should you. How can you navigate the stormy seas and come out on top?

We caught up with Jake Berger, Senior Manager at Pitcher Partners for his...

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3 ways to stand out in tax

Staying relevant in an ever-changing tax landscape is essential. It’s no secret that the tax industry is continually changing, which means that tax professionals need to adapt. Find out how...
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The application of Pt IVA to stapled structures

In TA 2017/1, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) states that it is reviewing arrangements which “attempt to fragment integrated trading businesses in order to re-characterise trading income into...

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