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Develop the skills specifically sought by employers in the tax profession

Gain access to practical tax education.

The Tax Institute’s preferred method of developing curriculum is to consult with employers on the skills they need in their firms.

By having a detailed...
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What happened in tax in September?

Written by TaxCounsel Pty Ltd

The following points highlight important federal tax developments that occurred during September 2018. 
Each month, these developments are considered...
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Preparation, scoping and agility are essential - The ATO’s in-house facilitation

The ATO’s in-house facilitation aims to provide rapid resolution of disputes with the assistance of experienced ATO personnel working as independent facilitators.

The ATO’s independent...

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How to keep your top tax talent

Tax leaders - don’t lose your stars. Here’s how to keep them.
All leaders know that a great team with a diverse range of talents is a solid blueprint to hit business objectives. But...
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Life cycle of a renewables energy project

Australia is increasingly seeing a move from traditional energy sources such as coal and gas fired power stations to renewable energy like solar and wind farms.

Renewable energy projects are...

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Practical Issues with Division 7A

Division 7A is a risky and complex tax issue for private companies to navigate.

At the NSW 11th Annual Tax Forum in May, Greg Travers, CTA, presented the session 'Practical Issues with...

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From battlefield to boardroom – lessons for emerging and current leaders

William Gooderson retired from the Royal Engineers aged 31 at the rank of Major after a career including active deployment in Afghanistan. 

Now at PwC, he is a regular presenter and coach on...

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4 secrets to sailing through disruption in tax

Tax expert reveals his secrets to managing change and disruption.

Andy Milidoni, Partner at Johnson Winter & Slattery and CTA3 Advisory lecturer at The Tax Institute, has been practicing tax for...

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Women in Tax National Congress sneak peek: is great leadership a balancing act?

A preview of this year’s Women in Tax Congress National Congress.
One of the greatest challenges for both emerging and established leaders is juggling the stress and health issues that can...
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What tax leaders need to be serious about

Sarah Dewar, Associate at Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers, says she chose tax as a career, on a full-time basis, about three or four years ago.

“Prior to that, I'd been in commercial litigation, so I had...

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Part IVA and Restructures

A number of tax measures have recently been introduced, or are in development, with the aim of removing the attractiveness of particular structures from a tax perspective, for example, the hybrid...

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Making sense of the menu of small business CGT concessions

The Federal Government announced proposed amendments limiting the application of the small business CGT concessions in the 2017-18 Budget.

Earlier this year, Exposure Draft legislation and...

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Recent decisions on valuations and briefing experts

Across all Australian jurisdictions, the concepts of "value", "unencumbered value" and "market value" are of core importance to the operation of the duty laws.

This is because transfer duty is...

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Asset protection and succession planning management for UPEs and loans

The management of unpaid present entitlements (UPEs) and loans in trusts for estate succession, asset protection and relationship breakdown planning and structuring, is extremely complex and may be...

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Transfer duty dealing with dutiable property in Queensland - North Queensland Tax Symposium

Bucking the trend in many other Australian jurisdictions, Queensland continues to impose duty on a broad range of transactions and business assets.

At October’s North Queensland Tax Symposium,...

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Expert says: if you don’t want to learn, “you’ll have problems in tax”

“Cannot do without”: why education is a must-have for a tax practitioner.
Andy Milidoni, CTA, Partner at Johnson Winter & Slattery and CTA3  Advisory lecturer at The Tax Institute, has been...
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Single Touch Payroll expanded to include smaller employers from 1 July 2019

Single Touch Payroll (STP) builds on the Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda and is designed to make it easier for individuals and business to access government services online.

At the ...
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3 ways to keep up with the changing tax landscape

Change is here to stay. But that doesn’t mean you need to stand still (or fall behind).

The rapid evolution of technology, the influence of globalisation and the increased complexity of the...
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Going Global - Leadership in modern times

For decades now, globalisation has meant it is an important part of any leader’s toolkit to have a global network and be able to work in partnership with other leaders across the globe.


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Tax Disclosures - Is Sunlight the Best Disinfectant?

Australia is leading the charge in matters of tax transparency, and while measures and focus in this space have already increased dramatically in recent years, this trend is set to continue.


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