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The Tax Institute President says a lack of reform would be a national shame

We urge the Federal Government not to miss the boat on tax reform ahead of the 3 May Budget.
President Arthur Athanasiou, CTA, said it would be a national shame if the government didn’t...
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"It's not personal. It's strictly business" But is it? 2016's Private Business Tax Retreat

The issues that private businesses bring to the family dinner table are complex and unique. Matters of the heart and head are both at play, requiring a skilful tax adviser to understand the art of...
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WA Tax Intensive – Meet The Presenter: David Marschke, CTA

On 28 April, David Marschke, CTA, a Chartered Accountant and specialist tax law adviser at Mills Oakley’s Private Advisory Team in Brisbane will discuss restructuring opportunities at The Tax...
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WA Tax Intensive – Meet The Presenter: Ron Jorgensen, CTA

Melbourne-based tax lawyer Ron Jorgensen, CTA, will be discussing the practical problems faced in dealing with trust amendments at the second WA Tax Intensive, on 28-29 April. We spoke to him about...
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