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The 2017 great debate

Stephanie Caredes

written by Stephanie Caredes CTA *

On 16 August 2017, The Tax Institute held the 2017 great debate on the Australian tax system. This was a joint initiative of The Tax...

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Do your unconscious gender biases get in the way of decision-making?

Gender equality in the tax profession has received a lot of attention lately. And rightly so. The percentage of women practising in tax increases each year, and more women aspire to be emerging...

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2016 duces share their experience of learning with The Tax Institute

Kelly Venhuizen (Chapman Eastway)

Here at The Tax Institute, we’ve always been confident about the quality and value of our education programs. For additional feedback, we spoke with two of...

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Transitioning a company for wind-down or exit – 2017 WA Tax Intensive

Chris Wookey CTA

Preparing a company for the exit of the current owners or a winding-down presents a unique set of challenges. Transferring the company or its business assets to new...

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Difficult structures made easy (or at least slightly less difficult) – 2017 WA Tax Intensive

Linda Tapiolas CTA

Advisers working with clients who are planning for the future usually begin with the end in mind, and with a focus on the 'planned end' such as a trade sale or family...

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