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Realising the potential of women in the tax profession – Women in Tax National Congress

Prof Gillian Triggs

The influence of women is growing across the traditionally male-dominated professions of tax, accounting and law. Yet we still see too few women in leadership positions.

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Taxing earnings – the great distortion

written by Robert Deutsch CTA *

Is it just me or are there others out there who find the debate about lowering the corporate tax rate to 27.5% (ultimately to 25%) somewhat perverse in view of the...

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Our partnership with LexisNexis is an investment in your future

The tax profession is always evolving. Likewise, the tools you need to do your job are continuously changing.

You, our members, have told us that something you value is the opportunity to contribute...

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Navigating the digital landscape: a plan for today's tax professional – 2017 SME Symposium

Michael Cox, PwC

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."  But what about the future?  Just as your role today has changed markedly from what it was ten years...

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Succession planning for family trusts – the WA Tax Intensive

Matthew Burgess CTA

With seemingly ever-increasing levels of wealth held in family trusts, advisers need to be aware of succession planning strategies for assets held in a trust...

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Reflections on the Australian tax system

written by Matthew Pawson CTA*

I take the opportunity of the September President’s report to offer some reflections on the current state of the Australian tax system. To set the scene, however, I...

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Avoiding avoidance – restructuring away from Division 7A

Ken Schurgott CTA (Life)

Practitioners and their clients continue to wade through the minefield that is Division 7A. Traps and complications can surprise even the wariest of advisers, with...

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Rewarding SME employees: alternatives and considerations – 2017 SA Tax Intensive

Ben Turner FTI

Private companies are increasingly turning to equity incentive plans in lieu of cash remuneration to attract and retain key employees.

These incentive plans can often be...

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