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Are superannuation taxes and Age Pension benefits sustainable?

Superannuation is a regular part of most Australian's lives – but many don't really understand the ins and outs of the rules around concessions, pensions and how our super is taxed. That's where tax...

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New JobSaver and Micro-business Grant retesting requirement

Since the announcement by Service NSW on Friday 10 September 2021 that businesses and not-for-profit organisations will be required to confirm their eligibility to continue to receive JobSaver...

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Biden’s Tax Reform Plan for the U.S. – an expert policy perspective

As the tax reform debate heats up in the U.S., the implications for international investors, businesses and indeed economies, are a hot topic. No matter where you fall on the political divide,...

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Summary of State and Territory 2021 COVID-19 business support measures

States and Territories around Australia have put in place measures to assist businesses to continue amid the economic impact of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. As many States and Territories...

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R U OK Day: Do what you can

It’s R U OK? Day this Thursday 9 September 2021, and we’re encouraging all of our members to take this opportunity to check in with those around you – and with yourself – on the all-important topic...

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