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Decision in Apted and FC of T


Some of you may have read or heard about the AAT case, Apted and Federal Commissioner of Taxation [2020] AATA 5139 handed down on 21 December 2020 regarding JobKeeper eligibility and whether an...

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5 online courses to make you a better leader at your tax practice

Teams of tax practitioners all over Australia have been put to the test this year – and so have the people leading them. Whether you’re a small practice owner managing your whole business, or a team...

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State of Tax Policy Report: December 2020

It’s a mammoth task to keep up to date with the status of different pieces of tax legislation even at the best of times. This year, it might simply feel like an impossible task. That’s where our ...

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Boost your work wellbeing: 3 top strategies and how to learn them

Most of us spend at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, at work. That’s a huge part of your life spent at work, and no matter how much you love your career in tax, sometimes it can take a toll on...

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Recommended read: Tax effects of COVID-19 cash flow boosts

This year, there have been a number of stimulus measures for tax practitioners to keep up with, as our regulators and Government respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of these was the cash flow...

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The Tax Summit: Project Reform – what next?

You’re likely aware that we recently wrapped up one of the biggest events in The Tax Institute’s history – and perhaps the biggest online event we have ever held – The Tax Summit: Project Reform.


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JobMaker Hiring Credit: your complete guide

Registrations are now open for the Federal Government’s JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme (JobMaker), an incentive for Australian businesses to employ job seekers aged between 16–35 years. Eligible...

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Reforming GST for the future of Australia – how and why

GST. It’s often the first thing to come to mind when we talk about tax reform. During The Tax Summit: Project Reform, we heard numerous opinions on how the GST can factor into the reform agenda....

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Simplifying state taxes – insights from The Tax Summit: Project Reform

At The Tax Summit: Project Reform Virtual Summit held recently, the tax profession came together to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing our tax system today and how we should prioritise...

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JobKeeper updated key dates

With the Christmas–New Year shutdown period fast approaching, and the pressure and challenges of 2020 taking an enormous toll, economically, financially and affecting the mental health of...

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7 essential, quick online courses to tackle before Christmas

One of the best things about a career in tax is that you never stop learning. But life is busy these days and you can’t always devote as much time as you might like to adding new skills to your...

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