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PCG on allocation of professional firm profits

The ATO’s recent finalisation and release of PCG 2021/4: Allocation of professional firm profits – ATO compliance approach (PCG) may raise questions about changes in the ATO’s approach to this area...

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Defining your own success story: stories from a human behaviour expert

Vicky Jones, human behaviour expert, teacher, guide and founder of The Element Coach, has built a successful coaching business on her desire to help others find their purpose. But she wasn’t always...

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Avoid burnout by building recovery into your routine

Burnout. We’ve all become familiar with the term over the last few years. In our busy lives and careers, burnout is all too common, all too easy to slip into and hard to combat if you’re not sure...

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Enjoy more quality time through emotional awareness

“People mirror what you give them - quite literally.” – Shadé Zahrai

Humans are social animals. We’re very good at picking up the emotional states of those around us – even if we aren’t consciously...

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Improve your quality sleep for a restful break this summer

We all need sleep. And while everyone’s needs are different, National Sleep Foundation guidelines suggest that most adults typically need anywhere from 7-9 hours a night.

The bad news? Statistics...

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NSW support measures: ended and expanded programs

On 30 November 2021, the primary form of COVID-19 business support provided by the NSW Government ended. The JobSaver program was co-funded by the Commonwealth and the NSW Government until NSW...

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See what our National Infrastructure Committee is planning for 2022

We take pride in our high calibre events, but the truth is, we could never do it alone.

Behind the scenes there are many people who volunteer their time and expertise to deliver events to the high...

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Clough and s 40-880 expenditure

In its recent decision in Clough Limited v Commissioner of Taxation [2021] FCA 108 (Clough), the Full Federal Court added to the long-running history of revenue versus capital cases by dismissing...

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What you can give this Christmas - without a big tax bill

After a challenging 2020, 2021 has proved to be yet another difficult year for all, marked by lockdowns, uncertainty and frustration. Yet, as Australia continues to emerge from lockdown and life...

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Deducting car & travel expenses

With interstate borders opening up and the recent decision in Mfula v FCT [2021] AATA 3067 (Mfula), this is an opportune time to consider the deductibility of travel and car expenses. The Taxpayer’s...

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