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Dead legislation rising: the return of 100A and 99B

With Australia’s ageing population and a trend towards assets being held by older individuals, many tax practitioners today are working with ageing client bases. This means estate taxation is a hot...

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Explained: Single Touch Payroll: Closely held payees

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a reporting regime that is designed to reduce employers’ reporting burdens to government agencies. In the past, an employer reported certain payroll information to the...

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Explained: Full Expensing of Depreciating Assets

Full expensing of depreciating assets (FEDA) is an important topic for tax professionals to understand. This measure, which was rolled out as part of the Federal Government’s economic response to...

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In-house transfer pricing challenges and insights with a Global Head of Tax

With a top-notch program of high-profile and expert presenters from across the legal and accounting professions, the ATO and corporate Australia, our highly anticipated 2021 National Transfer...

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Deceased estate taxation: diving into technical analysis

“Since moving from the ATO to a private practice specialising in deceased estate taxation, I’ve been surprised by the number of new technical issues I encounter when providing advice to our clients...

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The impact of Travelex on GST law and administration

What are you expecting to find at the 2021 National GST Conference? Technical insight? Of course.

Unparalleled networking opportunities? You bet! … How about love?

When we caught up with Kevin...

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Cash flow boost: working with trustee resolutions and franking returns

You may not have even thought to draw a link between the COVID-19 economic stimulus measure, the cash flow boost (CFB), and the preparation of trustee resolutions or the possible requirement to...

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Meet 5 Agribusiness experts sharing their best tax tips

Despite natural disasters, variability in commodity prices and markets and general economic challenges, Australia’s primary producers are keeping the country running. The financial, tax and legal...

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