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The Post-BEPS world – lessons learned

2013 seems like a lifetime ago. In this pre-Trump, pre-Brexit world, then UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s made his famous “Wake up and smell the coffee” speech at Davos, putting tax avoidance by...

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Doing something overseas – Have you understood the practical Australian taxation consequences correctly?

The tax strategies and structures adopted by multinational organisations are currently under enormous (and very public) scrutiny from global tax authorities and the media.

In Australia alone,...
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Non-resident tax issues - the 2018 SA Private Business Day

The operating environment for private companies is increasingly competitive and complex, and for those looking to expand their operations overseas, particularly fraught.
One of many important ...
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Repair or improvement – Does Theseus have the answer?

Written by Bob Deutsch, CTA

Following on from last week's post I thought I might tackle the problematic area of deductions in respect of repairs to investment properties.

In this context, it is...
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Could your career fade away without a life-long partner?

No, not a partner you can clink wine glasses and possibly walk down the aisle with. Rather, a professional partner that can provide the support you need to excel in your career.

Picture the following:

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Nine career tips to stand out from the crowd

Why do we work so hard to fit in, when we were born to stand out?  Here are nine powerful ways to make a lasting impression and stand out in a crowded field of professionals.

1. Master the art...

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Issues with life estates - the 2018 Death… and Taxes Symposium

With an ageing population and increasing wealth held personally and via trusts and estates, the practical matters in the event of incapacity or death have increasing importance.

Despite many...
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Proposals for payroll tax reform - The 18th Annual States’ Taxation Conference

In August 2017, Craig Bowie, CTA, (MinterEllison) took part in the panel session ‘Payroll Tax – Exploring the Issues’, at the Queensland Tax Forum.
In the session, Craig discussed a range of...
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Rental property deductions – the do's and don'ts

Some weeks ago, I canvassed issues relating to work-related deductions.

In the final weeks of the financial year, I will focus my attention on different aspects of deductions that can be claimed...

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Simplifying GST to extract more revenue!

Written by Bob Deutsch, CTA

The talk of tax reform in recent times seems to have centred on nothing more than adjustments to corporate and personal tax rates. However, genuine reform entails much...

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How emerging leaders can make the most of their career in the tax profession

T oday's leaders are confronted with challenges and opportunities that have never been more complex. However, it may take some commitment to develop into a high potential leader to handle the...
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How tax professionals can prepare for the storm ahead

For those industry professionals toiling away with current, new and proposed tax laws, every now and again — when you raise your head from the never-ending updates — you may see signs of change…...

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How digital is transforming State Revenue Offices

The future isn’t waiting around for us any longer. In our everyday lives we’re demanding more and more from the organisations we interact with, expecting access to services online, at any time, in...

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Transfer Pricing - from Documentation issues to 815A & 815B and Part IVA

Transfer pricing remains a topical issue for taxpayers and revenue authorities in Australia and around the world.
The OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project, and Australia’s...
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What happened in tax?

Written by TaxCounsel Pty Ltd

The following points highlight important federal tax developments that occurred during May 2018.

Each month, these developments are considered in...

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Preparing a Business for Sale

Your clients will have spent years building up their business, and selling one is the culmination of that hard work, dedication and sleepless nights.

As their trusted adviser, your clients will look...

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