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Federal Budget 2019 – unveiling our brand new website

The Tax Institute’s CEO Giles Hurst has some big news about the 2019 Federal Budget.

 “I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Institute's first dedicated website in support for...
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Labor’s negative gearing restrictions – how might they work?

Originally published 16 November 2018 Written by Professor Bob Deutsch, CTA, Senior Tax Counsel 
The Federal opposition’s plans to introduce restrictions on negative gearing for investors,
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Business succession – The current state of play

It is important for all businesses to have a succession plan or exit strategy for their owners.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered in determining the best exit strategy for...

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Research and development – A sleeping giant should be woken!

Written by Bob Deutsch, CTA, Senior Tax Counsel
I have previously written about the Research and Development (R&D) tax offset contained in Division 355of the ITAA 1997 (TaxVine No. 27 ...
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Tax Director on keeping up with change

Amy Hockey, Tax Director at Deloitte, says great leadership has never been more important in the face of change. 
“Great leaders that I've worked with have been confident, they keep it...
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Interest Withholding Tax – Common Issues

Australia imposes interest withholding tax (IWT) of 10% on interest paid by Australian resident borrowers not acting at or through a permanent establishment outside Australia; or non-resident...
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Division 7A and UPEs – The Road Ahead

The tax and regulatory environment for small and medium sized businesses continues to evolve at a rapid pace with Treasury releasing a consultation paper proposing changes to  Div  7A in...
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How mentoring could be key to your career success

Trying to do great things is difficult. Trying to do them alone is, often, impossible. That’s why all great leaders have mentors. 
Most people who are successful end up that way because...
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Labor’s tax changes - don’t jump the gun!

Written by Bob Deutsch, CTA, Senior Tax Counsel

Recently, I have heard many people advocate for either purchasing or selling property or shares based on various theories about what might happen...
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Could a mentor unlock your career’s potential?

As business professionals, contrary to popular belief, we don’t always have the answer to every possible challenge that is thrown our way in our day-to-day job. This is especially the case when...

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Eddy Moussa on change and the best career advice he's received

Eddy Moussa, CTA, Tax Partner at PwC, reveals how professionals can cope with change where they have a good sense of themselves and shares two pieces of advice he has put into practice in his...

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How storytelling methods can help you excel at tax advice

BDO L&D senior manager, Colleen Mortimer, CTA, discusses how storytelling methods can help you piece together a great piece of tax advice – every time.

Tax expert Colleen Mortimer is Senior...
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Starting a tax career in an era of automated tax compliance

Currently a Principal at Deloitte, Roisin Arkwright, CTA, reveals how she thinks a career in tax will change in the future and shares her tips for new practitioners.
Roisin started as a...
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Energy & Resources: 101

The Tax Institute’s Energy and Resources 101 event comes at the optimum time for tax practitioners to refresh and update their Energy and Resources knowledge and tax technical skills.

In Perth on...

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Making sense of the menu of small business CGT concessions

The theme of The Tax Institute’s Noosa Tax Intensive in November 2018 was “Mixing it right from the start to the finish - your client’s journey to sizzling success”.

The focus of the event was...
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Borrowing to buy shares – the hurdles that lie ahead!

Written by Bob Deutsch, CTA, Senior Tax Counsel

In light of Labor’s proposals in relation to negative gearing and imputation credits, I thought it might be useful this week to revisit a...
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What happened in tax in February?

Written by TaxCounsel Pty Ltd

The following points highlight important federal tax developments that occurred during February 2019.

Each month, these developments are considered in more detail...

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Superannuation for SMEs

Superannuation has seen a number of significant changes since the 2017 reforms and the new rules are also proving very complex to work with. With superannuation assets second only to the...
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Tax and the Economy—Policy and Performance. Barossa Convention Keynote.

What is the purpose of the tax system? What does economic theory tell us about the design of the “perfect” tax system?

What are the main priorities for reforming the Australian tax system? What...

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India - some observations

Written by Bob Deutsch, CTA, Senior Tax Counsel Recently I returned from a highly engaging and interesting trip to India – a fascinating country in so many ways!  While there, I...

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