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Superannuation for the now: indexation of contribution caps

Super. Although it's important to all Australians as a retirement planning tool, many of us don't think of it all that often. That is, unless you're an SMSF tax specialist.

For those working in the...

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Putting transfer pricing in perspective: interview with an expert

With the ATO’s compliance activity beginning to ramp-up after last year’s COVID-induced hiatus, the number of transfer pricing cases coming before the courts increasing, the prospect of major...

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Dealing with GST and insolvency issues

Given everything that’s happened in our economy over the past year and a half, issues of insolvency are an unfortunately hot topic for some tax and legal practitioners.

We caught up with ...

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Exploring R&D tax disputes at the 2021 R&D Masterclass

The R&D Tax Incentive scheme is an important source of government support for start-ups and established companies alike. And thanks to the recent announcement of a Board of Tax Review, to be...

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In-house transfer pricing challenges and insights with a Global Head of Tax

With a top-notch program of high-profile and expert presenters from across the legal and accounting professions, the ATO and corporate Australia, our highly anticipated 2021 National Transfer...

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Deceased estate taxation: diving into technical analysis

“Since moving from the ATO to a private practice specialising in deceased estate taxation, I’ve been surprised by the number of new technical issues I encounter when providing advice to our clients...

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The impact of Travelex on GST law and administration

What are you expecting to find at the 2021 National GST Conference? Technical insight? Of course.

Unparalleled networking opportunities? You bet! … How about love?

When we caught up with Kevin...

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Location counts: untangling cross-border tax consequences in 2021

When we asked Frank Hinoporos, CTA, Partner at Hall & Wilcox Lawyers how he got started in tax, he sang a different tune to many of our members.

“I had, quite funnily, a bit of clarity pretty early...

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ATO hot spots, TASA case law and BEPS 2.0 this Tax Forum Season

It’s Tax Forum Season, which means The Tax Institute, our members and colleagues from around the country are gearing up for some of the most highly anticipated tax technical programs of the year!


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Karen Payne: “if you want a career in tax, it's always going to be changing”

“I think of tax as a statutory fiction, but as a statutory fiction, it gets to intersect and interact with a whole bunch of things that are real, like commerce and property and retirement and...

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