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Putting transfer pricing in perspective: interview with an expert

With the ATO’s compliance activity beginning to ramp-up after last year’s COVID-induced hiatus, the number of transfer pricing cases coming before the courts increasing, the prospect of major...

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Dealing with GST and insolvency issues

Given everything that’s happened in our economy over the past year and a half, issues of insolvency are an unfortunately hot topic for some tax and legal practitioners.

We caught up with ...

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Exploring R&D tax disputes at the 2021 R&D Masterclass

The R&D Tax Incentive scheme is an important source of government support for start-ups and established companies alike. And thanks to the recent announcement of a Board of Tax Review, to be...

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Dead legislation rising: the return of 100A and 99B

With Australia’s ageing population and a trend towards assets being held by older individuals, many tax practitioners today are working with ageing client bases. This means estate taxation is a hot...

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Explained: Full Expensing of Depreciating Assets

Full expensing of depreciating assets (FEDA) is an important topic for tax professionals to understand. This measure, which was rolled out as part of the Federal Government’s economic response to...

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The impact of Travelex on GST law and administration

What are you expecting to find at the 2021 National GST Conference? Technical insight? Of course.

Unparalleled networking opportunities? You bet! … How about love?

When we caught up with Kevin...

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Meet 5 Agribusiness experts sharing their best tax tips

Despite natural disasters, variability in commodity prices and markets and general economic challenges, Australia’s primary producers are keeping the country running. The financial, tax and legal...

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Transfer pricing win for taxpayers: High Court dismisses ATO’s special leave application

An abridged version of this case summary was published in edition 19 of our TaxVine newsletter, and published here in full. It unpacks the Commissioner of Taxation’s special leave application to...

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CTA, CPA and CA: what’s the difference and what should you study?

Many people embarking on or making the transition into a career in tax aren’t sure what formal learning or qualification will help them the most. What’s best in the short and long term? What...

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Unpacking common tax strategies with Tom Delany, CTA

These days, the ATO and other regulatory bodies have access to more data and analysis tools than ever before. Combined with the expansion of the ATO Tax Avoidance Taskforce, and it’s vital that you...

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