5 online courses to make you a better leader at your tax practice

become a better tax leader

Teams of tax practitioners all over Australia have been put to the test this year – and so have the people leading them. Whether you’re a small practice owner managing your whole business, or a team leader in a bigger corporation, good leadership can make or break a professional team.

If one of your 2021 goals is to make your team more effective, taking a look at your own leadership style and skills is often the first step. But how do you do that? Often, we’re promoted into leadership positions because of our technical excellence and not necessarily taught how to be an effective leader to a team of different people, with different needs, skills and personalities.

To help you get started honing your leadership skills, we’ve collected a list of 5 top online courses from our Go for Growth platform.


Leadership Styles

leadership styles


  By Emerald Works

⏱ 4 minutes

  When it comes to leadership, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. So, first things first, familiarise yourself with different leadership styles, their positives and drawbacks and in what situations they are helpful in this video. This will help you to be flexible and adaptable with your own style, depending on what is needed. Follow up the insights with some prompted reflection.

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Leadership Fundamentals

leadership fundamentals


  By Biz Library

⏱ 45 minutes


This course will provide you with the tools to recognise the demands placed on you as a leader and prepare you for the leadership challenges ahead. It’s made up of seven video lessons and a final quiz to test your understanding. It’s also valid for one PDC for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP and one hour of recertification credit through the HR Certification Institute.


Situational Leadership

situational leadership


  By Tony Manwani

⏱ 15 minutes

  A good leader can tailor their approach, depending on the task at hand, the people involved, their feelings about the work and plenty of other factors. This adaptability is called situational leadership. This course will help you to not only achieve the results you want, but to empower your team to find their own solutions, own their work and increase their career satisfaction.


Mindful Leadership

mindful leadership


  By Wellness Coach

⏱ 1 hour 14 minutes

  Leadership is not all goal setting and giving orders. Join mindfulness teacher and executive coach Andy Lee, as he leads this 5-part Mindful Leadership series. You’ll explore how to become a better leader through skills like building trust within your team, fostering team connections, maintaining focus and finding balance.

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Leadership Through Delegation

leadership through delegation


  By Vado Inc.

⏱ 10 minutes

  Are you the kind of leader who jumps right into the work and never seems to have time to spare? Learning better delegation skills not only frees up your time, it gives your employees the chance to develop their own skills and shows you trust their capabilities. This course shows you how to effectively delegate to benefit yourself and your team.

Being an effective leader is no easy feat – but it is a fundamental step in building teams that excel. So, when you set your leadership goals for 2021, make sure you think about what resources and courses can help you develop your skills and understanding in this vital area.

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