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CTA, CPA and CA: what’s the difference and what should you study?

Many people embarking on or making the transition into a career in tax aren’t sure what formal learning or qualification will help them the most. What’s best in the short and long term? What...

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3 traits that make a great tax professional

Any tax practitioner knows that working in tax can be likened to professional problem-solving. On a day-to-day basis, you are working with clients and sifting through legislation to produce the...
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Three key elements for a leading tax career: hear from Louise Meijer CTA

A good professional reputation is worth its weight in gold. Building that reputation can be challenging at times, but ultimately, is the path to a rewarding, top tax career.

To uncover the...

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CTA: The international standard in tax

From companies with offices around the world, to social media and virtual conferences, these days your professional world is bigger than ever before. And a global profession calls for an...

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Technical excellence & wide networks: Tony Frost’s insights for a top tax career

What does it mean to “make it” in the world of tax? And what skills, attitudes and opportunities make learners into leaders in the tax profession?

At our Women in Tax National Conference 2019, we...

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Learners of today, leaders of tomorrow: the path to becoming a CTA

Becoming a Chartered Tax Adviser is one of the best ways to build your tax career on a foundation of technical knowledge, analytical ability and resilience to whatever curveballs life may throw at...

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How to become a tax agent: courses, qualifications and code of conduct

Tax agents are among Australia's most highly skilled professionals. They are more than just accountants or bookkeepers — tax agents have the expertise and knowledge necessary to help clients across...

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What are the benefits of learning online?

The benefits of learning tax online

Over the past year, we have all had to respond to different changes and adapt to new ways of doing things. Learning is no exception. If you've always been used to...

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Writing great client tax advice: where to start

There is no denying that providing exceptional client advice requires equally exceptional commitment of thought, time and energy. It is a vital skill for any tax practitioner, when clients are...

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Robert Campbell, CTA, on saving marriages and more

Yes, you read right. You may not think about your career in terms of savings homes, livelihoods and yes, marriages, but Robert Campbell, CTA, and Director at McCleod, Campbell & Associates has given...

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