The do’s and don’ts of family law and tax: Tax & Family Law Intensive


It is inevitable that some of your clients will go through a separation, divorce or de facto relationship breakdown. We caught up with two speakers ahead of their sessions at the upcoming Tax & Family Law Intensive.

We caught up with Sanaz Naimi Roshan, CE Family Law and Helen Suke, Suke and Associates to hear more about their presentations at the upcoming Tax & Family Law Intensive. Helen and Sanaz are presenting on the hot topics: Family Law 101 and Financial Agreements.

Sanaz Naimi Roshan of CE Family Law, helps people resolve issues around the thing they hold most dear, their family. As an Accredited Family Law Specialist, Sanaz helps her client's to navigate through the difficulties of separation. Sanaz has a particular interest in complex property matters. She has a strong commercial focus and the ability to work closely with clients to achieve a prompt division of assets between couples in the most financially effective manner. Sanaz encourages resolving matters amicably out of Court, however, when the need arises, Sanaz is a well versed advocate. Sanaz is passionate about helping separated couples resolve parenting matters to achieve what is in their children's best interest. Sanaz also helps people protect their wealth through Financial Agreements. She works closely with accountants, psychologists and other professionals to achieve the best outcomes for her clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

Helen Suke is the Principal of Suke and Associates, a new boutique family law firm in the Melbourne CBD, with particular emphasis on representing high net worth clients, entrepreneurs and business owners. Helen has extensive family and relationship law experience having previously been a partner and practice leader in both large and medium-sized firms. The firm specialises in complex property settlements involving all aspects of company, trust, superannuation and tax law, strategically focusing on solving matters in a strategic and savvy manner by partnering with clients’ trusted tax and accounting advisers and related legal specialists.

What will delegates learn from your sessions?

Helen explains that the ‘Family Law 101’ session will provide an overview of the family law process. This will assist delegates to understand “how the process unfolds and the broad principles that are applied when assessing financial and non-financial contributions giving rise to an equitable property settlement.”

Furthermore, this will equip delegates to “identify issues and the need for their clients to seek timely Family Law advice in relation to relationship breakdowns.”

Sanaz highlights that delegates will also take away the ability to understand the process of how the Family Court divides couples’ assets and liabilities.

“The opportunity to learn more about the process of subpoenas and what is expected of one once served with a Client Advice MREC_career goals LPsubpoena” she continues.

“The ‘Financial Agreements’ session will provide an overview of asset protection and in particular the value of Financial Agreements entered into either before or during a relationship to quarantine specific assets, business interests and inheritances.”

This will help delegates to understand the detailed process, technical requirements and time frame necessary to enter into Financial Agreements to provide asset protection for clients.

Are there any blind spots in this area?

“Family law is not only about marriage breakdowns,” Sanaz begins.

“As family lawyers we integrate various other areas of the law. Therefore, there is much to consider when providing advice in this field.

“I feel that we can complement other specialty areas such as accountants and tax advisers by collaborating.”

Helen furthers that “the process for entering into a Financial Agreement and the technical requirements are consistently underestimated by clients and their financial advisors.”

Don’t miss the Tax & Family Law Intensive held on Tuesday, 25 February 2020 at the Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Melbourne.

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