Tax residency issues “the new black”: insights for young tax professionals

2020 young tax professionals webinar event

Residency is a key concern to understand when it comes to just about any tax practice, whether you’re advising individuals or multinational corporations with cross-border interests. But how do you get started in understanding this vital space?

We caught up with Neil Brydges CTA, Principal Lawyer in Sladen Legal’s tax group, ahead of his presentation for the upcoming 2020 Young Tax Professionals Online Series.

He will be presenting on Tax Residency for individuals and corporates, discussing the significance of residency for tax purposes in regard to the case law, ATO guidance, and recent policy developments. With over a decade of experience in the tax profession and a practice covering broad areas including corporate and international taxation, cross-border financing, inbound and outbound investment and foreign currency transactions, Neil is well-versed in the topic of residency and how important it can be in tax matters.

“Residency touches all areas of tax practice. The rules are deceptively complicated, interconnected, and heavily dependant on the facts and circumstances of the matter at hand,” said Neil.

“The increased global mobility of individuals and online transactions, together with the deregulation of financial markets and exchange controls since the 1980s, mean that tax issues related to residency are “the new black” that all tax practitioners need to understand.”

According to Neil, delegates at his session can expect to gain an understanding of how the residency rules work, the tax consequences of being a resident or non-resident, moving in-and-out of residency, and proposed reforms in the space.

A comprehensive understanding of residency considerations is an important foundation for your tax practice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from and discuss with Neil!

Register for Part 4: Tax Residency for Individuals and corporates presented by Neil Brydges

Attend the 2020 Tax Young Professionals Online Series

Running through September and November, the Young Tax Professionals Online Series is designed to help younger practitioners understand the ins and outs of vital tax concepts and issues in a practical way. It offers attendees the opportunity to dive right into practical issues, as presented by leading subject matter experts.

The three 1.5 hour sessions are available to attend as a livestream and as a recording you can access later when it suits you best. Download the program to find out more.

Alongside Neil’s session, delegates can register for two other insightful presentations:

  • Part 5: R& D Tax Incentive-Current update presented by Aaron Ng, RSM Australia. Providing a general overview of the R&D Tax Incentive this sections covers eligibility, claim process, compliance programs, proposed legislation changes and practical examples.
  • Part 6: Introduction to GST presented by Rachel O’Donell, CTA. The GST implications of any transaction or structure is important for any practitioner to understand. This session provides an overview of basic GST rules and concepts, input taxed supplies and reduced input tax credits, restructures and related party transactions and settlements of legal disputes.

Register for the full series here.

About Neil Brydges, CTA

NNeil Brydges, Slate Legaleil Brydges, CTA, is a Principal Lawyer in Sladen Legal’s Tax group. Neil practises in all areas of direct and indirect tax, with a particular focus on the taxation of trusts, corporate tax, M&A and Div 7A. Neil has also advised extensively on cross-border taxation issues and the GST implications of transactions and dealings in the development of property.

Neil is a member of the Tax Committee of the Law Council of Australia, an Accredited Specialist in Taxation Law and Chair of the Tax & Revenue Law Committee with the Law Institute of Victoria, and a Chartered Tax Adviser and member of the SME, Dispute Resolution and GST Technical Committees with The Tax Institute.


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