See what our National Infrastructure Committee is planning for 2022

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We take pride in our high calibre events, but the truth is, we could never do it alone.

Behind the scenes there are many people who volunteer their time and expertise to deliver events to the high standard you're used to. Our Organising Committees are a big part of keeping you up-to-date and connected to your network through CPD events.

Year on year, our dedicated Committee puts together the only conference focused on tax issues affecting infrastructure The National Infrastructure Conference. This year is no different and we're so excited for the event.

The National Infrastructure Conference will be held in Crown Sydney and Online on 3-4 February 2022. Since the holiday season will no doubt go by in a flash, we hope you're getting organised for CPD in the new year and picking up your ticket! In case you need a little convincing, we chatted to the Organising Committee about why the 2022 program is so relevant, which sessions they are most looking forward to and what value will the conference provide for attendees.

Meet the Committee Members


What was the committee looking to achieve when planning the program? Who does it cater best to?

The committee looks to cover the key tax issues that arise in infrastructure transactions, their operation and financing. This includes greenfield PPPs, secondary asset sales, refinancings, listed schemes and takeovers and privatisations. This year has set records for infrastructure M&A transaction volumes and a number of key issues have emerged. We know that these topical issues are very relevant for delegates, including local and foreign investors, advisers, bankers, asset operators, governments and regulators. 



Over a two-day period we need to have a variety of presenters, sessions and approaches to keep the energy level high. We are careful to avoid repetition of topics that have previously been well covered. So to flesh the issues out we use a combination of keynote addresses, panel sessions and joint adviser/ATO presentations and we encourage respectful interaction. Our presenters are carefully selected and include representatives from Treasury, investment bankers and economists to ensure a range of perspectives.

Steve Ford, CTA, PwC
Co- Chair, Conference Organising Committee


Tell us about the experience of helping to organise this event. Was it insightful, exciting, challenging?


It has been an exciting experience organising the conference. Extremely proud of our industry coming together each year, volunteering our time and sharing our connections to bring industry leaders to share their insights at the conference. A lot has happened since we last met in person two years ago. Crown Sydney is a fantastic venue and I am super excited and I am looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Minh Dao, CTA, KPMG
Co-Chair, Conference Organising Committee


Why does this conference have particular value for those working in the infrastructure space?

jillianThis is a very interesting question and goes to the heart of the value of the conference – it is definitely as much about the sessions themselves as about the conversations that are generated as a result. It has been almost two years since we last met in person and we will be almost two years into the transitional period for staples. I think people have missed the water cooler talk that comes with an in person event. The topics and presenters selected provide a good overview of the infrastructure sector and I think everyone is more than ready to catch up again – hopefully for most it will be able to be in person. I look forward to seeing you there.

Jillian Gardner
Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills


Could you tell us about the quality of speakers at the conference and which sessions you are particularly looking forward to?


I think we have a fantastic range of speakers, including some of Australia’s leading infrastructure tax advisers and tax officials, a senior member of the judiciary and key players in the infrastructure industry.

I will be particularly looking forward to the closing session on Day 1, which is on “Hot Tax Topics”.  This is an opportunity to hear Claire Horan, Megan McBain, Carmen McElwain and Barbara Phair speak for 25 minutes each on a different topic, and to the morning session on Day 2, when Nancy Tchou of Morgan Stanley will cover the current and future trends in the Australian infrastructure market and Justice Logan of the Federal Court will speak about expert evidence.

Michael Flynn QC, CTA (Life)
Victorian Bar


Delegates can join the 2022 conference online. How do you think international practitioners will benefit from attending?

We have developed this as an in-person and online hybrid event and this will be accessible to delegates world over. The delegate portal will be established and that will contain program information, technical papers, presentations, evaluation forms and much more. It will be incredibly easy to access and then provide you with all the technical content to support you with the sessions.

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This will be the only conference focused entirely on tax issues affecting Infrastructure in Australia so this the conference for the international delegates who has an interest in Australian Infrastructure Space. You will get insights on the viewers market form the Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, PwC’s Chief Economist in Australia and this is the place to have infrastructure insights form the ATO, they will be presenting on hot topics such as Staple structures, the control debate and you will hear from The Treasury. This I believe is the conference to attend.

Adrian Varrasso, ATI


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