Quick guide to The Tax Summit: Project Reform Virtual Summit event

The Tax Summit: Project Reform - Summit event

So far, The Tax Summit: Project Reform has explored the key areas of our tax system that are ripe for reform. Through:

  • 6 Keynote addresses from some of the top economic and taxation thinkers in the country, and
  • 8 insightful Focus Sessions where specialists from across the profession delved into the nitty gritty of policy and design,

we have been working to identify complexities, issues and insanities in our current tax system.

The Virtual Summit event is where we consider all the ideas raised in these sessions to hone-in on, refine and prioritise some of the potential solutions for reform.

Key information


The Virtual Summit event takes place over two half-days, on 24 – 25 November.



We’re embracing a digital future, by streaming this profession-defining event direct to you online, wherever you are. This means delegates from around the country can tune in to help shape our Case for Change.

Summit presenters and facilitators will be coming to you from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, a newly repurposed hybrid event space. This state-of-the-art venue will allow you to feel like you are right there in the room… Stay tuned for more!



Over the two-day program, you’ll discover new ideas and solutions for your professional future through a series of keynote sessions, panel discussions and breakout streams.


The Virtual Summit event bring you together with key players in our tax system, its design and administration, including the Commissioner of Taxation, Chris Jordan, AO, Dr Julianne Jacques, CTA, Board of Taxation member, and distinguished thought leaders across the profession and academia.


Our ultimate goal is to define priorities for reform, set out a number of options for achieving meaningful change and outline the implications of those pathways. This blueprint will be submitted to Treasury as our Case for Change, providing practical, expert-led solutions and opportunities for the Government to effect substantive change.

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Must see Virtual Summit sessions

Day 1 – 24 November

Session 2.2: Rethinking SME taxation

We consider how the taxation of SMEs could be redesigned to liberate the flow of capital, reduce compliance costs and reduce the complexity while maintaining integrity.

Watch first: Focus session 2 – Business Taxation: SMEs and family businesses and Focus session 4 – Business Taxation: Small Business Tax Concessions


Paul Bannister Paul Banister, CTA
Grant Thornton
Robyn Jacobson Robyn Jacobson, CTA
The Tax Institute
Tracey Dunn Tracey Dunn
RSM Australia
Vanessa Priest Vanessa Priest, FTI
Baskin Clarke Priest

Session 4.2: Designing a sustainable superannuation system

We look at how well-designed tax law can provide a sustainable superannuation and retirement system with increased equity regarding the tax treatment of private wealth assets and appropriate tax outcomes following the death of a taxpayer.

Watch first: Focus session 1 – Retirement and Wealth


Graeme Colley Graeme Colley
Marg Marshall Marg Marshall, CTA
WLF Accounting & Advisory
Paul Howes Paul Howes
Jemma Sanderson Jemma Sanderson, CTA
Cooper Partners


Day 2 – 25 November

Session 6: Regulators and policy advisers panel

In this not to be missed panel session with representatives of regulators and key policy advisers, we discuss opportunities for regulators to make interaction with the system painless, quick, and cheap.


Teresa Dyson Teresa Dyson
Foreign Investment Review Board
Chris Jordan Chris Jordan, CTA
Commissioner of Taxation

Session 8.2: The 2040 vision for GST

Are the current GST settings sustainable for the next 20 years? We consider whether it is appropriate to increase the rate, broaden the base – or both – among other reform options.

Watch first: Focus session 8 - GST and indirect taxation, and Keynote 2 – The Hon. Peter Costello AC.


Anne Collins Anne Collins
Geoff Mann Geoff Mann, CTA
Nathan Deveson Nathan Deveson, CTA
Chris Sievers Chris Sievers
Victorian Bar


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What if I’ve missed the lead-up sessions?

To be effective, tax reform must be holistic and carefully considered – so there’s a lot to think about. That’s why The Tax Summit: Project Reform is made up of a series of lead-in Focus sessions and Keynotes discussing relevant issues under the four key pillars of

When you attend the Virtual Summit event, it’s helpful to have this background to inform your understanding and contributions. If you missed the live sessions, then you can purchase your all access virtual pass now and watch any previous Focus session or Keynote on demand.

Engage with the ideas, think them over – and then let us know your view on the best options for improving the tax system you work with every day.

The Tax Summit Project Reform program on demand

Why all tax practitioners should attend

Tax reform is a big picture endeavour – it’s about setting our profession and our economy up for success.

But it’s also about making your life easier every single day. You work with tax – you know how complex, frustrating and unfair our system can be. We want to know how you think it should be fixed. Then we’ll make sure your thoughts and ideas get heard by policymakers.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Get your Full Access Virtual Pass today.


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