Social media for tax professionals: getting involved on Twitter (Part 2)

The more you join the conversation on Twitter, the more you will grow your following and build your public profile. Post updates about what's happening in your industry, in your office or at a conference you're attending, or link to an interesting article you've read recently.

If someone says something interesting that you'd like to reply to, put an @ symbol before their username and type your reply.

If you'd like to share with your followers what someone else has said, you can "retweet" it by putting "RT" at the start of your message, followed by the @ symbol and the person's username, and then their message. You may need to edit the message to ensure that it still fits within 140 characters.

Who's on Twitter?

Using hashtags

To keep track of lots of people talking about a "trending" topic, many users will make use of hashtags. For example, at events held by The Tax Institute, Institute staff, speakers and attendees will often add the tag #nextgentax at the end of tweets to keep track of the conversation about the event. Anyone can use this hashtag to join the discussion and other tags can be found using the Twitter search engine.

Want to know more?

Twitter has put together a resource for businesses looking to use the network that can be found at

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