Do you have the skills of a tax star?




Find out if you have the skills that make a top tax professional.

To be a successful tax adviser, you’ll first need to show expertise in the subject matter; also known as technical skills.

Education and professional development are crucial to developing this knowledge. Tax professionals generally need to have a willingness to learn and to take the initiative, and the capacity to solve technical problems.

No less important, however, are well-developed communication skills.

The ability to communicate involves digesting information and explaining solutions – in writing and in person. It also means you need to write clearly, listen actively and speak persuasively.

Top-notch communication skills

Successful tax professionals need to communicate for a range of audiences often.

The style used in writing for clients, peers, supervisors and regulators will vary, which makes understanding the ‘language’ of each audience so important.

For example, a letter of advice to a client will be relatively formal, comprehensive and written in the context of the client’s specific business or financial issues. An email to a colleague is likely to be less formal and more to the point.

Regardless of who you are writing for, grammar, spelling and punctuation is essential.

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Listening power

A great tax adviser listens to their clients and makes the customer experience an awesome one. They tune in and observe their peers and the ever-changing business environment.

Active listening involves both hearing what your client or colleague is saying and then letting them know that you hear what they’re saying by summarising, clarifying or reverse briefing. This helps you to build rapport, earn their trust and deliver accurately on what is being asked. By demonstrating
active listening, clients will know that any recommendations you subsequently present will be based on a deep understanding of their specific needs.

Great service

Tax firms rely on the quality of service they provide to clients. This is why a commitment to the highest levels of client service is so important.

The best client service professionals always demonstrate empathy. They can put themselves in the client’s shoes and understand their personal, professional and commercial issues on a deeper level.

Once you understand the client’s problems, you will need to have the capacity to focus on solutions and to help the client shift their focus as well. The most successful adviser/client relationships are the result of a team approach, where both parties develop a clear mutual understanding of the issue at hand and the actions needed.

Networking is King

A successful career in tax is a combination of what you know (your technical skills), how you communicate this knowledge, and finally, who you know.

Clients and stakeholders will always come to you if you’re known for a specific specialisation or skill.

If you're famous for it, you will always have clients, and you'll continuously add value.

Tax is a small community which is why it’s integral to keep up with clients, colleagues, teams, and build broader networks.

How many of those skills did you tick off?

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