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Tax is an ever-changing landscape, where there’s always more to learn. Having the opportunity to pick up new knowledge at your fingertips is something that separates great tax practitioners from good ones.

We’ve recently released two new video bundles as part of our CPD On-Demand line-up, bursting with the latest and greatest insights from the world of tax. Check them out in more detail below:

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Indirect Taxes Power Pack 2.0

10-part video series

10 total CPD hours

A deep dive into all things indirect tax, from GST to payroll and beyond, this series combines some of the most insightful sessions from a few key recent events. Explore topics such as:

1 When is a person, company or trust "foreign"? Presented by Matthew Cridland, CTA
  • Duty and land tax surcharges
  • Defining residential property
  • Primary production land
  • Individuals, companies, trusts, general partners of limited partnerships and foreign governments
2 Infrastructure rights and economic entitlements Presented by Adrian Chek, Michelle Owens and Vasko Nastevski
  • Explore economic entitlements in property
  • The specific Victorian economic entitlement provisions duty on infrastructure transactions
  • The lease vs licence distinction
  • The WA fixed infrastructure right provisions
3 Optical Superstore - Implications of the decision Presented by Chris Sievers
  • The contractor provisions
  • The facts of the Optical Superstore case
  • The tribunal decision, the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and implications of the decision
4 Payroll tax cases – “The big ones” Presented by Tracey-Ann Oppedisano and Scott Pease
  • CSR v Optical Superstore [2019] VSCA 197
  • Chief Commissioner of State Revenue v Downer EDI Engineering Pty Ltd [2020] NSWCA 126
  • Compass Group v Commissioner of State Revenue [2020] QSC 184
  • Winlina Pty Ltd v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue [2019] NSWSC 1080.
5 Build-to-rent - Navigating GST & other tax issues Presented by Matthew Cridland, CTA
  • What do we mean by “build-to-rent”?
  • Commercial residential premises
  • NSW reforms

… And plenty more!

Members of The Tax Institute, buy the pack for $175 $350

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7-Apr-16-2021-06-07-19-61-AMCorporate Power Pack

14-part video series

14 total CPD hours

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the corporate tax space, with this wide-ranging and practical bundle of expert insights. Keep up to date and in the know. Explore topics such as:

1 Origin Energy Limited v Commissioner of Taxation (No 2) [2020] FCA 409 Presented by Anna Wilson
  • NSW electricity industry
  • NSW govt reform package
  • Agreement between NSW and Origin
  • Capacity charges
  • CGT regime
2 Healius Limited v Commissioner of Taxation [2019] FCA 2011 Presented by Rachel Law
  • Key facts of the case
  • Implications of the decision for tax payers
3 Cross-border financing arrangements - The release of long-awaited consensus guidance Presented by Edwin Baghdasarayan
  • The OECD’s pricing framework for intercompany financing transactions
  • How to price an intercompany financing arrangement
  • The importance of contemporaneous documentation and evidence in the new world
4 What Directors are looking for from a tax risk management perspective Presented by Teresa Dyson and Michael Carey

Explore the impact of:

  • a deeper understanding of the financial and reputational impact associated with tax risks
  • the ATO’s recommended governance frameworks for tax functions and its expectations regarding board-level controls
  • the ensuing involvement of Boards with tax risk management
5 Capital or Revenue – Implications of the counterfactual Presented by Dioni Perera and Shashi Sivayoganathan
  • analysis of the Sharpcan case
  • Sharpcan’s relevance and comparison against recent and seminal capital/revenue cases
  • The future landscape of capital/revenue analysis

… And lots more!

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