Tax Practitioner’s Board: Maintaining your CPD obligations

Tax is always evolving. It’s important to keep up. In fact, it’s part of your obligations as a tax professional.

This year, the Tax Practitioners Board began reviewing practitioners to ensure compliance with continuing professional education. The Tax Institute will be supporting them with random audits of members.

As a Fellow or Associate, you must complete 15 hours of structured Continuing Professional Development (CPD) a year. For Chartered Tax Advisors, it’s 30 hours.

The TPB has stated that: “In 2018-19 we will undertake reviews of practitioners continuing professional education (CPE) records to ensure compliance with our CPE policy and their renewal requirement. These reviews will provide insights into how tax practitioners are maintaining their knowledge and skills relevant to the services they provide that help us develop targeted guidance and support.”

The Tax Institute requires members to undertake continuing professional development (CPD)

Up-to-date knowledge and skills are the essence of being a tax professional.

Undertaking regular CPD ensures that you:

  • maintain your knowledge and skills in order to provide services of the highest quality
  • keep up to date with changes to tax laws
  • advise clients correctly about their rights and obligations.
All voting members (Associates, Fellows, and Chartered Tax Advisers) are required to undertake regular CPD to maintain their status as a tax professional of the highest calibre.

You can find out more about other ways of meeting your CPD requirements on our website.

Maintaining your CPD obligations – 30 June deadline

If you still need to meet your requirements of 15 hours (Associate and Fellow members) / 30 hours (Chartered Tax Advisers) of structured CPD this year, fear not, we have just the solution.

These online videos will rack up your knowledge, and your CPD points, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Tax Refresher Series

  • 13.5 CPD hours
  • Tax fundamentals, updates and problem areas
  • Nine pre-recorded webinars
  • 13+ hours of key tax content
  • Cost: $810 – SAVE $285

Find out more >

Tax Planning for Trust Structures

  • 4.5 CPD hours
  • Trusts, structuring and planning issues
  • Opportunities, strategies and pitfalls
  • Three-part series
  • Cost: $360 – SAVE $90
Find out more >

Superannuation Series

  • 6 CPD hours
  • In-depth understanding of super and tax implications
  • Four-part pre-recorded webinar series
  • Cost: $460 – SAVE $115

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Monthly Tax Update Package
  • 5 CPD hours
  • Watch every monthly update since February
  • Make sure you’re up to date
  • BONUS: access to live webinar on 24 June
  • Cost: $350 – SAVE $125

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If you have questions about your CPD obligations you can email us or speak with our Membership Experience team by calling 1300 829 338.


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