Trusts, Philanthropy and family feuds – 2019 WA Estate & Succession Planning Intensive

Over the next 20 years there will be the biggest intergenerational transfer of wealth ever. Couple this with Australia’s ageing population and there’s no doubt that obtaining advice on all areas involved with estate and succession planning will become more important than ever.  

At this year’s WA Estate & Succession Planning Intensive, local and credited speaker Dudley Elliott , CTA  (Trove Group) will present a workshop on Testamentary Trusts,  tackling  the challenges that the blended families of the 21 st  century brings.   

During the workshop Dudley will apply the technical principles from other sessions  at the Intensive , focusing on structuring for business and challenging family situations.   

Dudley explains ‘attendees will develop skills to assist with the delivery of services in this area and be more aware of issues and planning opportunities. I will cover the practical do’s and  don'ts  of estate planning, trust issues, family trust elections and control, discounted capital gains, refundable imputation credits and problems with the Commissioner’s discretion.’  

A regular speaker at Tax Institute events, Dudley’s sessions are always interactive and humorous. Born in Belfast and one of six children, Dudley arrived in Australia as a ’ 10-pound   pom ’ in 1972.  A former banker and partner at Deloitte, Dudley has been operating his own taxation practice,  Trove Advisory Group , for over 12 years. He complete d  his first significant estate planning engagement in 1999 and his eyes were opened to the diverse needs of clients and the opportunities for advising in this space. His banking background combined with his unique blend of skills, including a Certificate of Fluency in Japanese, makes him an absolute expert in his field. He enjoys walking and always recommends The Tax Institute event  lunches .  

Closing the  I ntensive, as well as presenting the third session of  the program, Chris Balalovski, CTA  is flying over from Sydney where he is a partner at BDO. Chris delivers taxation, duties, superannuation, estate planning, asset protection,  succession  planning, structuring and accounting solutions for individuals and their private businesses and has  a career spanning more than 32 years . He is the Chairman of the Self-Managed Independent Superannuation Funds Association, and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Macedonia.  

Chris will be presenting session 3    ‘Succession planning for family business’ as well as session 10 ‘Philanthropy and estate planning’. Chris explains ‘both of my sessions will equip delegates with an understanding  of several practice areas and strateg ies in enough detail to be able to recognise them in a timely way and have meaningful, relevant discussions with their clients.  Although  delegates may not be able to execute all strategies and resolve all matters on their own, they’ll be in a good position to know how to seek assistance’.   

During session 10 ‘ P hilanthropy and estate planning’, Chris will cover multiple areas of concern for advisers whose clients have charitable/philanthropic object ives, all of which are complex. During session 3 Chris will not only deal with the hard skills necessary to give relevant advice on succession planning for family business, but also the soft skills necessary to deal with situations and individuals that may be volatile, emotional and chaotic.   

The 2019 WA Estate & Succession Planning Intensive has limited availability and will sell out fast. Click  here  to find out more. Employer tickets & group discounts availab l e  


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