Advocacy work is in full swing

by Stephanie Caredes, CTA, Tax Counsel

has been a very busy start to the year for the Tax Policy and Advocacy team
with numerous submissions already on our plate. 
are interested to understand members’ views on the reporting requirements that
should apply to the 
Sharing Economy  and what members
think of the ATO’s 
proposal to replace certain Annual Taxation Determinations with
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send your comments through to the 
Tax Policy
Gearing up for the election
will have seen the 
Prime Minister’s announcement  earlier
this week to increase the small business Instant Asset Write-off amount from
$20,000 to $25,000 effective 29 January 2019 and extend the availability of the
write-off to 30 June 2020. This extends both the threshold for 17 months and
the availability of the measure by 12 months from its original end date of 30
June 2019.
Stephanie Caredes, CTA

seek members’ views on whether you think this measure is useful to your
clients. What has the take-up of the original $20,000 measure been like? Do you
see your clients being able to benefit from the increased threshold? Should the
Instant Asset Write-off become a permanent feature of our tax system?

we will have to wait until the 
Parliamentary sitting weeks  in
February before we see any law to support this announcement.
would also like to remind members about The Tax Institute’s 
survey   on
the tax proposals being put forward by the Labor party. The survey is open until 22 February 2019 and
we really would like to hear members’ views. Thank you to all the members who
have completed the survey so far. We hope you can join us at the
34th National Convention  in
March in Hobart to hear the results.

Members, we
welcome your thoughts via the 
Feedback inbox


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