Find out how to get recognised as a top performer in tax

You know you’re a champion of tax. Here’s how to get the world to see it too.

Our members who hold the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) post-nominals are internationally recognised as tax professionals who represent the highest standards of expertise, professional integrity and a commitment to being at the forefront of the profession.

Don't take our word for it, hear from some of our CTAs:

Preparing you for tax, wherever you work

Andrew Mills, Second Commissioner – Law Design and Practice, Australian Tax Office, said  the CTA designation is essential to keeping up with a world that continues to change, as he is regularly dealing with new paradigms in his work.

Perhaps you are like Iain Cooper, Group Manager Taxation, Sinclair Knight Merz, who handles a lot of international tax and deals with different jurisdictions.

“I'm in an international network and, to me, it's important to be able to talk to international clients,” says Scott Treatt, Partner, Taxation at Pitcher Partners.

Or even if you work in corporate and management investment trusts for larger corporate clients like Sacha Rowlands, Supervisor Corporate and Managed Trusts HLB Mann Judd; the CTA designation will equip you for a complex and challenging tax system.

“The great thing about the CTA is it's a very broad based professional qualification, so it covers all aspects of tax,” says Iain.

“I think if you're serious about a career in tax, it's really just a no-brainer,” adds Sacha.

Education: You may be only one subject away from becoming a Chartered Tax Adviser. Contact our friendly advisers today on 1300 829 338 to see if you are eligible to apply.

Get recognised

All CTAs know that completing the program is no walk in the park.

“It is a tough qualification to get. It's a slog, and you know that if someone's demonstrated that level of dedication to their profession, then you know that, at the end of it, they're going to know what they're talking about,” says Iain.

Sacha says it’s beneficial for an employer’s piece of mind “because there is that benchmark that's set by the CTA which allows them to get an idea of someone's capability.”

“Especially at that higher level, it's very challenging, but I also think it's very rewarding.”
Shuwen Qui, Accountant at Kristallis Chartered Accountants says the CTA broadens her career path.

“My skills can basically take me everywhere, anywhere around the world, and I can be employed,” she says.

“It's certainly been easier to be recognised amongst corporates and clients,” says Scott.

For Iain, it gives him professional confidence that, when providing advice, it's underpinned with a solid knowledge of the tax law.

He says that it’s as simple as this,

“You wouldn't want someone doing brain surgery on you if they hadn't spent some time learning a bit about it and you probably wouldn't want an amateur doing your tax.”

“I have no limit. Who knows where I can be?” adds Shuwen.


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