3 ways studying tax intensively is the perfect fit for you

Need to study, but don’t have the luxury of time? Step right up.

You may have noticed that some education providers offer intensive, compressed versions of their courses. It’s an alternative that’s becoming increasingly popular because of the time students save with this study mode.

The Tax Institute’s fast-tracked CTA1 Foundation intensive delivery mode provides students with tax fundamentals in just six weeks, as opposed to the usual 14. Students can accelerate their professional growth and can update their knowledge of Australian tax basics in record time.

So why is the intensive study mode right for you?

1. You can study your way

The Australian tax environment is complex and varied. If you’re only familiar with a narrow portion of the tax profession, our CTA1 Foundations tax subject bridges the gap. You can broaden your tax knowledge without an onerous investment of time.

The online learning mode means you have the freedom and flexibility to structure your days the way you want. The foundations course is run five times each year and all content is available from day one of the course, including lectures and webinars, so you can study anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Developed and delivered by experienced tax experts, the CTA1 Foundations course is a thoroughly practical subject – you can apply your learning immediately to real situations. The course materials are current up to one month prior to the commencement of each study period and the examples are often based on the experiences of our expert lecturers in their workplaces today.

Education: Study on your terms by finding out more about the CTA1 Foundations intensive delivery mode.

2. It will help you grow, fast

It’s no secret that most people want to keep moving forward in their careers.

Through the tax foundation subject, you’ll be exposed to a wide range of Australian tax issues, such as structures, deductions, GST, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax and an introduction to the Australian tax system, so that you build your skills, capabilities and experiences to extend your career options.

But don’t take our word for it.

Mitch Carrigan, Solicitor, Webb and Boland Lawyers says, “the most valuable aspect of the subject was that the content was very broad, giving me an understanding of aspects of the tax system I have not had cause to cover before.”

“As with a lot of things, confidence comes from having a good grasp on the fundamentals, which were well covered in this subject.”

3. You’ll get noticed

The Tax Institute’s qualifications can lead to the prestigious Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) designation, an internationally recognised and respected mark of technical excellence. The post-nominals CTA represent the highest standards for tax advisers who have extensive experience and a commitment to being at the forefront of the profession. Those who carry the designation have proved themselves to be of the highest calibre and are equipped to provide the best tax advice.

With the designation, you will be able to provide clients with comprehensive advice. Learn all the required tax compliance tasks and their legislative foundations, while gaining the knowledge and skills you’ll need to properly advise clients on managing their tax affairs.

“Tax is an important aspect in a lot of matters I work on and is an area of law that is constantly changing. Having a better understanding of the tax implications will enable me to work better with my clients’ other advisers and in turn add value,” says Mitch.

“I plan to continue the chartered tax adviser program.”

Learning tax fundamentals fast

The CTA1 Foundations intensive delivery mode is the best way to skill up on Australia’s tax basics, fast.

The good news is that you get the same tax foundations subject, but in a shorter timeframe, with flexible delivery mode.

The subject exposes you to a wide range of Australian tax issues, building skills to extend your career options. Developed and delivered by experienced tax experts, this is a practical subject you can apply immediately.

Topics include:

Introduction to the Australian Tax System
Tax Agents Services Act (TASA) 2009 and The Code of Professional Conduct
Calculating Tax Payable and Assessable Income
Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)


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