Chris Bray on creating the tax business of the future

Chris Bray, Director of Bray Chan Chartered Accountants, participated in a panel discussion at The Tax Institute’s 2017 SME Symposium.

In this short video he speaks about creating the tax business of the future, and some of the topics covered in the panel session. The panel session 'Evolution or revolution' also featured Grant Thornton's Steve Healey, CTA-Life, and Michael Cox of PwC.

The panel looked at what's involved in creating the tax business of the future, the effects the future will have on changing both the client
and people experience, and asked what does embracing change and making a difference look

On creating the tax business of the future, Chris says businesses need to “firstly understand what clients want. Secondly is consciously adapting the skill set within our businesses to be able to provide those solutions. Thirdly is having the technology to deliver those solutions. Fourthly I think most importantly, specifically in a small business like ours, where we're working with other small businesses, is to encourage our clients to come along for the ride.”

With the tax landscape continually changing, professionals and businesses need to evolve to stay relevant. Explore what tax education you’ll need to up-skill in today’s fast-changing tax environment.

The recording of the full 'Evolution or revolution' panel session is available on our website for purchase, or included free with a subscription to the Streaming Video package on the Tax Knowledge eXchange.


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