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Rosemary Campbell CTA

Rosemary Campbell CTA is Director of Taxation and Business Services with Merit Partners, Chartered Accountants, in Darwin. She has over 29 years’ experience providing advice on federal and state taxation, as well as financial and business matters.

We spoke with Rosemary about her career and her life.

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Rosemary Campbell CTA


Merit Partners Pty Ltd


Northern Territory

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Areas of specialty

Income tax advice to SMEs, CGT concessions and succession planning.

How did you end up in tax?

My career started in Townsville with my first job as a graduate accountant.

A subsequent move to Darwin and employment with a 'Big 4' firm saw the need to specialise for career advancement.

I’ve never regretted the move to specialise in tax, as it is constantly changing and continues to provide challenges. It's satisfying to know that you have helped a client navigate the complexities of tax advice so they are able to make an informed decision as to the best course of action.

What are the biggest challenges for tax practitioners this year?

The biggest challenge facing tax practitioners this year is the line between providing factual information in relation to superannuation without crossing into providing financial advice.

Given the trusted adviser status that many practitioners enjoy with their clients, it is very easy for a factual conversation to turn into a conversation where the client perceives that they have received a recommendation or advice.

Where you are unlicensed, your professional indemnity insurance won’t cover any advice. Even when you are licensed, you need to ensure the required documentation has been prepared.

Your most memorable career moment to date?

Becoming a business owner on 29 February 2004 with the establishment of Merit Partners with three long-term work colleagues.

Why are you a member of The Tax Institute?

Being a member of The Tax Institute provides a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded professionals.

You have the security of the brand behind you, and the knowledge and resources at your disposal are second to none. Having access to professional development activities developed and delivered by the industry’s top minds is a real advantage.

How is your membership beneficial to your practice and clients?

All of our tax directors are members of the Institute, which supports our position as a large second-tier firm offering high-quality technical tax advice and solutions.

Our clients understand that being up to date with the most recent changes in tax legislation is essential and being members of the Institute provides assurance that this is the case, due to the ongoing professional development requirements of maintaining membership.

Having access to leading articles and technical papers enables us to put forward innovative ideas and solutions even before our clients think they may have a problem. We pride ourselves on being proactive in this regard and believe that The Tax Institute gives us an edge.

How do you relax?

There is nothing more relaxing than walking my dog on the beach and ‘get togethers’ with my wonderful girlfriends. We haven’t quite sampled all of the French champagne houses yet but we are working on it and it is a labour of love.

Do you have advice for those entering the tax profession?

Enjoy what you do and keep digging for the story behind the transaction or event.

Sometimes the facts aren’t what they seem and it is only by continuing to question and through understanding the whole story that your advice will stand the test of time.

Never lose sight of the fact that you are dealing with real people and not just facts and figures on a page.


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