Dux interview: Jace Gawne-Buckland, Advanced Superannuation

Position: Senior Manager
Company: Grant Thornton Australia Ltd

What is your background?

I am a Chartered Accountant and have over 8 years experience with Grant Thornton in the Privately Held Business division. I work primarily with small to medium sized businesses and high net wealth individuals assisting them with business advisory, taxation matters and family office services.

Most valuable aspect of Advanced Superannuation that you have taken away?

Gaining a better understanding of the laws and regulations for self-managed superannuation funds so that I can assist my clients with their wealth management, investment strategies, retirement and estate planning.

What areas are you now more confident in?

I feel confident in assisting clients with contribution strategies to maximise their wealth held in superannuation and then access this wealth. In addition, I feel my clients will benefit from my increased knowledge regarding the treatment and taxation of superannuation benefits and the rules around investing using their superannuation funds.

What were your reasons for undertaking Advanced Superannuation?

Superannuation is a fantastic tool not only for wealth management but also tax planning purposes. It is therefore very important for me to be confident around SMSF law and regulations when assisting my clients with their business and personal goals. It provides me the ability to take a holistic approach when assisting my clients, resulting in me becoming a more trusted advisor.

Where to now with continuing education?

I will be looking to further my knowledge on superannuation regulations through practical application and further studies. I will also look to undertake studies on different subject matters with The Tax Institute which will develop my abilities to better service my clients.

http://taxinstitute.com.au/education/graduate-diploma-of-applied-tax-lawTake the next step in your tax career with the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law 

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