Dux interview: Jason De Marte, CTA2 Advanced

What is your study background prior to studying CTA2 Advanced?

I studied a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in accounting and taxation, at Curtin University and completed these studies in 2012. I have been working as a consultant at Cooper Partners for about 18 months now and have completed both CTA1 Foundations and CTA2 Advanced during this time. Cooper Partners places high importance on technical training and striving for excellence in whatever we undertake and that helped my approach to CTA2 Advanced.

What was the most valuable aspect of CTA2 Advanced and what have you taken away from it?

The most valuable aspect of CTA2 Advanced was being able to build on my taxation knowledge base in a wide variety of areas, including some I don’t often encounter in my everyday work. I have taken away this well-rounded knowledge base in many different areas of tax, which has been useful as it has given me the ability to apply what I have learned, both to my firm’s clients and the internal training program at Cooper Partners.

What are your areas of new confidence now that you have completed CTA2 Advanced?

I am now confident that, when I see issues arising with respect to the many different areas of tax covered within CTA2 Advanced, I will be able to not only pick up these issues, but also deal with them correctly. In addition, I feel that I will be able to improve any research that I need to undertake with the tips provided, and that I will be able to deliver this information to my colleagues and clients in the best way possible.

What was your reason for undertaking CTA2 Advanced?

Cooper Partners places a high degree of value on practical tax skills. I undertook CTA2 Advanced with The Tax Institute to be able to progress in my career with Cooper Partners and to continue on my way to completing my chartered accountant qualifications.

*CTA2 Advanced has now been split into two subjects, CTA2A Advanced and CTA2B Advanced.

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