Speaker Profile: Stephanie Caredes, CTA

Stephanie Caredes, CTA, Tax Counsel at The Tax Institute is presenting the free Financial Planners and Tax Advice webinar on Certainty and Clarity.

Tell us about yourself

I am a member of The Tax Institute’s Tax Policy and Advocacy team. Prior to this, I spent many years advising on a broad range of tax matters (Federal and State) in private legal practice as well as publishing several articles and commentary on tax issues. I am also a registered tax agent.

How long have you been affiliated with The Tax Institute?

Prior to joining The Tax Institute as Tax Counsel in January 2012, I had been a member since 2004.

Why do financial planners need to know about this legislation now?

The extension of the regulatory regime under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 to apply to financial planners has been in the works for a long time. Legislation has just been introduced into Parliament that is expected to pass and become law before 1 July 2013. Though the start date of the regime isn’t until 1 July 2014, the next twelve months will fly by and financial planners should be making sure they are aware of how this regime may (or may not) impact them once 1 July 2014 rolls around.

What can attendees expect to take away from the webinar?

All the facts about how the regime could apply to them, how to register, how they can transition into the regime and what education and experience requirements will apply if they enter this regime.

What do you like to do when you’re not knee-deep in tax?

Keep fit and healthy and cook for my friends and family.


Register now to attend the FREE Financial Planners and Tax Advice webinar and hear Stephanie discuss how the tax agent services regime may affect financial planners who provide tax advice.


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