3 Duxes agree: CTA2 Advanced gives you CONFIDENCE

We caught up with 3 duxes of our CTA2 Advanced course (previously known as the Certificate in Applied Tax) to understand how the course has helped them.

Tammy Tang (CTA2 Advanced course dux)

“The CTA2 Advanced course has given me the confidence to assist our clients on a broad range of Australian tax issues.

The CTA2 Advanced course convenor and the course tutors are very knowledgeable and were helpful in assisting me with difficulties I encountered during the course. Being able to obtain their insight on how the law applies in a practical situation is a valuable aspect of the course.”

Clinton Lindqvist (CTA2 Advanced course dux)

“The CTA2 Advanced course has helped me to be more structured in my approach to tax-related issues and, through the use of the research-based model, has given me the confidence to prepare advice in areas of taxation that I was not previously confident in.

I now apply it to every advice assignment I am involved in.”

Ryan Curry (CTA2 Advanced course dux)

The most valuable aspect of the CTA2 Advanced course that I have taken away “would have to be the confidence to deal with client questions and issues knowing that my base knowledge on taxation is up to date.

It is also the understanding I have when and where a taxation issue exists – even when working with limited information.”

The CTA2 Advanced course builds confidence because it deals with real-world tax concepts and issues for aspiring tax industry practitioners who want to stake their claim as a technical tax expert and wish to take the next step in their career by dealing with more complex tax issues.

Study period 2 is now open for enrolments.


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