Two minutes with Moira Merrick, CTA

Moira, can you give us a quick career snapshot?

I began my career in tax in 1998 when I joined a second tier firm’s tax division. I moved to Deloitte in September 2007, spent 12 months in corporate tax and then transferred to the National Tax Technical Group in 2008.

You will be presenting on "Extracting Value" at the upcoming 20th National Tax Intensive Retreat. What are some of the things delegates can expect to take away from your presentation?

I hope that delegates will come away from my session with:

  • an understanding of how they should navigate their way around the current landscape for earn-out arrangements
  • a practical insight into the typical tax issues that should be considered when using a share buyback as part of a restructure and
  • a good grasp on what has been happening around company dividends over the last 12 months.

What brings you back to Noosa year after year?

Noosa is simply beautiful. The tax intensive has a workshop focus (where numbers are limited), so the forum is perfect for catching up with the regulars as well as meeting newcomers. It has a certain "vibe".

Which other sessions are you looking forward to attending?

All of the sessions look great, but I am looking forward to seeing Gil Levy present because it seems years since I last saw a Gil presentation. I don’t advise about superannuation, but from a personal perspective I am very interested to hear Suzanne MacKenzie’s presentation as I believe she has some interesting strategies.

And finally, what do you get up to in your non-tax time?

I actually like going to Noosa for holidays as well as for tax intensives. My husband and I follow Geelong in the AFL, so we like watching finals footy. Otherwise, I enjoy doing yoga, walking and cycling.

20th National Tax Intensive Retreat
20th National Tax
Intensive Retreat

Moira Merrick, CTA is Account Director in the National Tax Technical Division of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and will be presenting at the 20th National Tax Intensive Retreat.

Renowned for its exemplary technical content, interactive workshops and the unbeatable Noosa location, the annual Tax Intensive Retreat is one of The Tax Institute's most popular events.


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