The complex world of Family Law & Tax – WA Family Law Intensive

With one in three marriages ending in
divorce, it’s inevitable that you will have clients who suffer a breakdown in
their marriage or de facto relationship. When this occurs, your clients will
turn to you for assistance.

Andrew Davies, O’Sullivan Davies, leading
WA family lawyer is presenting at the upcoming Family
Law Intensive
on 23 July in Perth on ‘Family
Law Arbitrations’

He is an accredited specialist family
lawyer, nationally accredited mediator, and arbitrator in family law, current
chair of AIFLAM and principal partner at O’Sullivan Davies.

He has been presenting for The Tax
Institute since 2004 and is looking forward to the event to learn anything he
can about taxes, duty & valuations.

“Family law arbitration has some unique
features, an important goal of my sessions is to help accountants, financial
advisors and commercial lawyers better understand how they can assist their
clients in this area,” says Andrew.

He hopes to show delegates how to ‘value
add’ to the services they provide when their clients are involved in family law

Preceding his session, David Monaghan will
make his debut as a presenter for The Tax Institute, with a session on ‘Family Law Mediations in Financial
He has spent the last 22 years resolving family law disputes as
a Family Law Magistrate and now assists in resolving disputes in a
non-adversarial environment, by way of mediation.

“This manner of resolving disputes is
vastly different from court-based resolutions & I look forward to speaking
to the differences in approach,” he says.

Delegates will take away from David’s
session a better understanding on where mediation fits in the family law
system, what the general outline of a mediation in family law is and how, as an
adviser, to best assist clients in considering, preparing or attending a

When he’s not knee-deep in family law
disputes, he spends his spare time boating, fishing, golfing, crabbing &
crayfishing – each equally unsuccessfully, he jokes.

Earlier in the Intensive, TJ Spooner, Director
of Audit & Assurance & Corporate Advisory at Nexia Perth will
co-present a session with Muranda Janse van Nieuwenhuizen, Nexia Perth on Things Tax Practitioner should know about
Business Valuations for Family Law Purposes.

He has been doing business valuations and
audit long enough to have plenty of grey hair (his words, not ours!).

Originally from the UK, problem solving has
bought him to Australia where he provides forensic accounting services and prepares
numerous expert reports in respect of both family law and commercial matters.

When asked about his session at the
Intensive, TJ says “Attendees can expect to have a better understanding of the
different types of valuation engagements; how business valuations are prepared;
why and when certain valuation methodologies and more appropriate than others;
what a Single Expert does and his/her duty to the Court; the role of a phantom
expert; whether/when one needs an AFSL; and an overview of a number of
potential tax traps.”

He is particularly interested in attending Alison
Wallace’s session on Tax, Duties and the
Property Pool in Family Law
and spends his spare time sitting in the sun
with a nice bottle of red wine & a cheeseboard with some progressive rock
on in the background.

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