How CTA studies gave Ivonne “an edge” in her career

Chifley Advisory’s Senior Accountant reveals how the CTA Program helped her “take the lead”.

Ivonne Muryadi graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Professional Accounting but worked for a law firm specialising in taxation debt during her studies.

After graduating, she joined Chifley Advisory starting from graduate position and progressing into her current role as a Senior Accountant at Chifley Advisory.

Conquering the complicated

“Tax is a complicated area and I am always intrigued by it,” says Ivonne.

“A good friend introduced me to The Tax Institute and I decided to enrol.

“The Tax Institute is known for providing up-to-date and practical tax education and training,” she explains.

She was also confident studying with The Tax Institute knowing that the module convenors are industry experts.

“In addition, our firm does not have an in-house tax advisor so undertaking this course definitely gave me an edge in my career,” she adds.

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Taking the lead

Ivonne says all aspects from her previous studies in CTA1 Foundations and CTA2A Advanced were valuable, but she did learn a lot more about Trusts and SMSF in CTA2A Advanced.

“Our firm does not have a lot of Trusts or SMSF work, so I was in awe that there was so much that I didn’t know,” she explains.

“Coincidently, after I completed CTA2A Advanced, our firm had a matter that deals with SMSF and then there was that ‘thrilled moment’”.

“I was so excited to be able to put what I learnt into practice,” she adds.
Ivonne says she gained so much more knowledge from her study with The Tax Institute.

“I feel a lot more confident in contributing and participating in more complex work and actually take the lead,” she says.

However, the challenges of balancing work and study are real - and Ivonne has a strategy.

“Dividing your time between study and full-time work is always hard,” she admits.

“The timetable guide from The Tax Institute helps me to keep my study on track.”

Future pathways

Ivonne is currently enrolled in CTA2B Advanced and will enrol in CTA3 Advisory next study period, which will give her the internationally respected Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) post-nominals. Her goal is to continue her education with The Tax Institute to complete a Graduate Diploma in Applied Tax Law.

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