How to future-proof your career

Disruption and change is almost the norm in today's marketplace. So how can you make sure your careers is future-proof?

Legislative and regulatory changes, corporate restructures, and digital transformation are just some of the examples of disruption which are becoming more and more prevalent in today's economy. Navigating these variables comes down to one thing – education. Having an indispensable skill set is what will set you apart from the average professional.

Back to you.

You may have just finished your degree and want to work in tax but might not be sure where to start. Or you are already established in the tax industry and are ready to take your career to the next level, and be a cut above the rest.

You could go back to university to complete your masters in tax. But the last thing you want is a super theoretical course with no relevance to your job or career ambitions.

That’s where the world’s most sought after tax credential, the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation, comes in.

Written, presented and assessed by practising tax experts, the topics covered in the CTA program are relevant and immediately applicable day-to-day. The program's tiered structure runs from entry level to experienced tax professional.

This qualification will increase your status and recognition
in the tax profession, help you gain skills that are directly applicable to the
workplace, and is accredited so provides exemptions into further higher
education you may want to partake in.
How, you ask?
Attaining the CTA designation requires successful completion
of the Chartered Tax Adviser program. If you have previously completed an
equivalent subject in your undergraduate or postgraduate studies, you may be
eligible to skip straight to the final subject – CTA3
. And if you already have in-depth tax knowledge, you may be able
to skip study all together and just sit the final exam.
Each subject is delivered both online or face-to-face and
accredited as 30 CPD hours.

The study plan breaks down as follows:

  • CTA1 Foundations
  • CTA2A Advanced
  • CTA2B Advanced
  • CTA3 Advisory OR CTA3 Advisory Exam 

On completion you will attain the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation.

Here is a quick run-down of how the study plan matches your goals:

Practical skills to broaden or re-launch your career

Academic studies are one thing. Work experience, another. What about skills outside your normal everyday tax tasks? CTA1 Foundations exposes you to a wide range of Australian tax issues, building skills to extend your career options, or the confidence to re-enter the tax profession.

Topics covered are:

  • Introduction to the Australian Tax System 
  • Tax Agents Services Act (TASA) 2009 and The Code of Professional Conduct 
  • Calculating Tax Payable and Assessable Income 
  • Deductions 
  • Structures 
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) 
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) 
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
Advance your understanding of core tax law

Take your skills to the next level. CTA2A Advanced gives you a deeper understanding of core tax issues such as Capital Gains Tax, trusts and superannuation. It also addresses the obligations of a tax professional under TASA 2009 and the Code of Professional Conduct.

Topics covered are:

  • Ethics, TASA 2009 and the Code of Professional Conduct 
  • Capital gains tax fundamentals 
  • Small business CGT concessions 
  • Superannuation 
  • Partnerships 
  • Trusts 
  • Tax administration 
  • Research and writing skills. 

Step up into a role of advice giving

Specialised tax knowledge is always in demand, allowing you to attract new clients and manage complex tax compliance affairs. CTA2B Advanced prepares you for professional advice-giving, with in-depth study of areas such as corporate tax, GST, FBT and international tax.

Topics covered are:

  • Corporate tax (part A) 
  • Corporate tax (part B) 
  • Goods and services tax 
  • Fringe benefits tax 
  • International tax fundamentals 
  • Part IVA and general anti-tax avoidance 
  • Research and writing skills 

Demonstrate your leadership and expertise

 Take the challenge. Demonstrate your leadership, as you discuss and debate high-level tax planning and advisory issues with other tax experts. CTA3 Advisory will build your confidence by addressing real-life case studies – and ultimately leads to the sought-after global CTA designation.

CTA3 Advisory is conducted through six case study sessions, looking at:

  • Small business CGT concessions 
  • International tax 
  • Corporate tax 
  • Trusts 
  • Goods and services tax, and 
  • Other areas of tax. 

Are you ready to add the finishing touches to your tax qualification? Find out if more information about becoming a Chartered Tax Adviser by contacting us on 1300 829 338 or submit an
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