Nine career tips to stand out from the crowd

Why do we work so hard to fit in, when we were born to stand out?  Here are nine powerful ways to make a lasting impression and stand out in a crowded field of professionals.

1. Master the art of networking 
You cannot do your job alone. Building networks within the organisation, your client base, other firms and other service areas will allow you to tap into the expertise of your network to get the job done (well).

2. Have great mentors 
Ensure that you are always working in an environment where you have great mentors, and foster and develop that relationship. It also helps to be a sponge! Learn and absorb as much as you can from those around you.

3. Be committed to furthering your education 
Tax laws and their application change every day. If you want to be a high-calibre professional, you must be prepared to keep up with the evolving landscape. You must be continuously committed to developing yourself – whether that be with structured education to learn a skill or through seminars to keep up-to-date with legislation changes. Your clients will expect you to know not just the current laws, but all the latest developments.

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4. Understand the role you play in your client’s business operations 
While tax is an important consideration, it rarely drives business decisions or operations. Understanding your client’s business and the role that tax risk management plays in the business is the key to understanding what your client wants from you, as well as the other factors that are driving the current transaction/decision/operations.

 5. Be prepared to go the extra mile—for both your clients and your colleagues 
The most valuable tax professionals are those who are prepared to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible result. Deadlines are often tight, and you will need to think and act fast. You will push the boundaries of your problem-solving skills and may need to think outside the box.

6. Attention to detail 
Tax is challenging and complex. Many of the answers to your clients’ problems will lie in the nuances and details, and will not be black or white. The leading tax professionals are those with an eye for detail. They spot the intricacies within a piece of legislation and can bring clarity to complex concepts. Accuracy is a must and subtleties need to be understood.

7. Be aware of market trends and corporate news 
A well-rounded tax professional understands the corporate world around them. Regulatory changes in other areas, such as corporations law, may impact on the viability of a deal or a structure. Market trends may create
a demand for a particular financing product or transaction. If you think and act commercially, you will be an asset
to your team and an invaluable adviser to your clients.

8. Be a good team player 
A job well done requires input from all members of the team. Whether you’re a graduate or the Head of Tax, in order for the team to succeed, you need to do your job well and assist team members where possible.

9. Have fun! 
Your enthusiasm for your job and willingness to help others will go a long way towards making you a valuable
member of your team.

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