2015 SME Tax Adviser of the Year Award winner: Peter Bobbin CTA

As a solicitor I pursue excellence in law; both thought and application, to me it is highly satisfying to make a difference. But having fun at the same time is important. Fun? I am a tax lawyer, a superannuation lawyer, a trust lawyer and an estate planning lawyer. I am also a senior principal of law firm Argyle Lawyers.

I am proud of what Argyle Lawyers has achieved, my charity trustee role is my way of giving back and cycling is what allows me to switch off.

I am the person who created modern estate planning in Australia, no other person can trace their embrace of this earlier than myself. In my early career I was usually introduced in my public speaking as the Tax Doctor of Death!

I also trace my superannuation fund skills and services to 1985, only few (still working) can match this.

But tax law is my basis, including tax advice, tax litigation and business succession, whether personal or corporate.
How long have you been affiliated with The Tax Institute?
I have been a member of the Institute for 25 years.
What does the Tax Awards mean to you, and more broadly, to the tax profession?
It is a great honour, a personal career highlight of which I am very proud and humbled.
What are 5 main tips/tricks that you used for preparing your application?
No real tips or tricks, just tell the truth about your commitment to the tax profession and clients.
What was it like to be named a finalists/winner in your category?
I have considered it to be a great honour to have been named as a finalist and then as a winner.
What are 4 main reasons for applying for the Tax Awards?
  • To gain professional recognition of my peers.
  • To enable a personal reflection on my career.
  • To gain a seriously unique marketing advantage.
  • To encourage others in the tax profession to apply.
What do you believe put your application above the others?
The effort that I have put in to my career, the tax profession, my business and tax law.
How has applying for the Tax Awards benefitted you?
I have gained formal recognition of my peers and can more easily summarise and present to others, including friends and family, the career I have created and enjoyed.
Of course it has also given me a seriously unique marketing advantage.
What do you like to do when you’re not knee-deep in tax?
  • Love and enjoy my family.
  • Drink aged wine.
  • Cycle over very long distances.
  • Research tax, superannuation and trust law cases.


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