Dux interview: Natalie Moore, CTA1 Foundations

Why did you choose to study with The Tax Institute?

The CTA program and the Tax Institute was recommended to me by a colleague.

Why did you choose to study?

I thought that the CTA program would give me the best qualification going forward. I also used the introductory unit as a refresher prior to re-starting in the workforce after time off having a family.

What was the most important outcome of studying?

The CTA1 and CTA2 units gave me excellent information and learning in order to prepare for my return to public practice. I returned to work early this year after completing them in 2014 armed with up-to-date knowledge and information in the taxation field.

In your opinion, what separates The Tax Institute’s education programs from other providers?

The Tax Institute program is flexible and features industry-specific information relative to the needs of accountants and tax professionals.

How has your study with The Tax Institute benefited your career objectives?

I have found the CTA1 and CTA2 courses invaluable in providing me up-to-date information in the taxation field. I often refer to the texts and course materials in the course of my daily work routine.

How did your study fit in with, and support, your career?

At the time I undertook the study last year, I was not working, however I was running a busy household with 3 children under 6. The flexible online delivery and webinar format was fantastic in allowing me to complete my studies in my own hours and timeframes.

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