Media Release: Launch of Inaugural Postgraduate Qualification

DATE: 11 August 2014

The Tax Institute has been formally recognised as a higher education provider and is now the only professional association in Australia providing a postgraduate qualification in tax.

As Australia’s leading educator and professional association in tax, The Tax Institute has gained accreditation for its new Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law qualification.

According to Noel Rowland, CEO of The Tax Institute, “Over the next decade and beyond the complexity of the tax environment will intensify. This complexity will be driven by shifts right across the taxation system.
“As a result, tax professionals need to equip themselves with the skills and capabilities to provide higher-order professional tax advice.

“The new postgraduate course, Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law, to be launched in the coming months is designed to meet the changing needs of, and demands on, tax professionals in the next decade and beyond.

“This is a significant milestone for the tax profession and for The Tax Institute as it anticipates the changing needs in the skills of tax professionals in the coming decade,” said Mr Rowland.

The Tax Institute is the only designator of the internationally recognised ‘Chartered Tax Adviser’ title in Australia.


Noel Rowland, Chief Executive Officer, The Tax Institute: 02 8223 0001
Dylan Malloch, Sefiani Communications Group: 0407 620 613

The Tax Institute is the country’s leading educator and professional association in tax. Its 15,000 members include tax agents, accountants and lawyers as well as tax practitioners in corporations, government and academia.  The Tax Institute supports the tax profession through education and professional development and works to continually improve tax law and its administration.


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