Key dates for 2013

In addition to the more than 350 CPD events that The Tax Institute runs each year in major cities and online, we hold a number of flagship residential events. Register your interest early.

  • 13–15 March: 28th National Convention, WA
  • 26–27 April: Private Business Tax Retreat, Qld
  • 2–4 May: 46th South Australian Convention, SA
  • 16–17 May: 6th Annual Tax Forum
  • 23–24 May: Tax through the Bottom of a Glass, Tas
  • 19–20 July: Queensland State Convention, Qld
  • 25–26 July: 13th Annual States’ Taxation Conference, SA
  • August: Tax Specialist’s Workshop, TBC
  • 22–23 August: WA State Convention, WA
  • 5–6 September: National GST Intensive, Vic
  • 17–18 October: Queensland Corporate Tax Retreat, Qld
  • 17–18 October: SA Tax Intensive, SA
  • 7–8 November: 21st National Tax Intensive Retreat, Qld
  • 14 November: Corporate Tax Intensive, WA.

Can’t attend in person? Our series of webinars allows you to earn CPD points remotely.


We are gearing up in 2013 to deliver the industry’s choice for innovative tax education with The Chartered Tax Adviser Program. This enhanced program aligns to our changed membership levels and includes: CTA1 Foundations, CTA2 Advanced and CTA3 Advisory. These courses are designed for candidates at various stages of their profession to further enhance their performance and lead them to the pinnacle of the tax profession, the CTA designation.

If you or your colleagues would like to enrol, please visit our website. The first course starts on 5 February.

Another big year for our leading publications

Building on last year’s successes, 2013 will be another busy year for our publishing team, with new editions and additions to our existing range of guides, handbooks and online services. As always, you’ll find the latest on our range in Taxation in Australia, and on our website.

Noel Rowland

Noel Rowland is Chief Executive Officer of The Tax Institute.

The Tax Institute is Australia’s leading professional association in tax. Its 13,000 members include tax agents, accountants and lawyers as well as tax practitioners in corporations, government and academia.


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