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Are superannuation taxes and Age Pension benefits sustainable?

Superannuation is a regular part of most Australian's lives – but many don't really understand the ins and outs of the rules around concessions, pensions and how our super is taxed. That's where tax...

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New JobSaver and Micro-business Grant retesting requirement

Since the announcement by Service NSW on Friday 10 September 2021 that businesses and not-for-profit organisations will be required to confirm their eligibility to continue to receive JobSaver...

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Biden’s Tax Reform Plan for the U.S. – an expert policy perspective

As the tax reform debate heats up in the U.S., the implications for international investors, businesses and indeed economies, are a hot topic. No matter where you fall on the political divide,...

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Summary of State and Territory 2021 COVID-19 business support measures

States and Territories around Australia have put in place measures to assist businesses to continue amid the economic impact of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. As many States and Territories...

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R U OK Day: Do what you can

It’s R U OK? Day this Thursday 9 September 2021, and we’re encouraging all of our members to take this opportunity to check in with those around you – and with yourself – on the all-important topic...

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Student Spotlight: Understanding the facts and the client’s ultimate goals with Helen Cameron


This month we talked to Helen Cameron, Accountant & Tax Adviser at Ulton, and the Dux of Advanced Superannuation in study period 2, 2020. She shares the most valuable aspect of studying this...

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Behind the scenes look at a leading conference program

Have you ever wondered how The Tax Institute manages to deliver such topical, relevant conference programs year on year? Behind the scenes, our program committees put in mammoth amounts of effort...

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Infrastructure from A-Z at the 2021 National Infrastructure Conference

Investing in infrastructure is key to a working, efficient economy. Developing and maintaining roads, ports, pipelines, energy and other essential infrastructure assets is important at any time, but...

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Why the 2021 National Superannuation Conference is a must-attend

Superannuation affects almost everybody in Australia. As a tax practitioner, being able to confidently advise your clients on this crucial topic gives them greater control and confidence to make the...

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The changing face of transfer pricing dispute resolution in Australia

Thomas Ickeringill, Senior Associate in the Allens Tax Group is a chess player, a footy fan and can cook up a mean roast or curry. And when he’s not busy readying his home to welcome he and his...

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